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Wyoming Alcohol Recovery CentersThe Great State of Wyoming and Alcohol Related Crimes

Best known for tourist attractions such as Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, Wyoming is a vast state of gorgeous landscape. Tourism is a driving force of the economy. Though the state is large by actual land mass (the 10th largest in the nation), it’s the smallest in actual residential population.

Wyoming’s largest city is Cheyenne with farming and mining as its major industries. A quiet Great Plains atmosphere, you wouldn’t think of Wyoming in conjunction with crime, and crime is not high by comparison to the more populated areas of the country. What is clear, though, is that when crimes are committed, there is often alcohol involved. According to The Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police, alcohol was involved in over 72% of all custodial arrests in Wyoming and 75% of all misdemeanor arrests. Those numbers are startling when you think that without alcohol the total amount of crime would be a fraction of the current statistics.

Wyoming’s Centers for Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol and drug abuse obviously impair judgment while under the influence. Impairing judgment to the point of an arrest is a clear sign that there might be a significant addiction problem. While all addictions are individual to the person and their needs, Wyoming has a number of centers and programs available for those seeking help.

Located in Cheyenne, Alcoholics Anonymous is the best known group for recovering alcoholics, and for good reason. This group invented the 12 step program, which has become a bedrock of many treatment centers for multiple types of addiction. To find out more about joining meetings and how treatment works, AA can be contacted in any part of the country and a local branch can be found near you.

Grace After Fire in Casper is a foundation dedicated to female members of the military. It is not solely dedicated to women veterans with substance and alcohol abuse problems, but those are some of the major issues that they are equipped to help patients overcome. This group is dedicated to the specific issues faced by women who have served in the military and the consequences they can face upon returning to civilian life.

If you’re seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, please contact us for free guidance in your searchTrinity Teen Solutions in Powell is a residential treatment program specifically for adolescent girls. Treatment includes group and individual counseling in a home like environment. The core counseling is Christian based.

If you’re seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, please contact us for free guidance in your search.

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