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West Virginia Women Only Alcohol TreatmentWhen it comes to alcohol dependence, women suffer silently as they undergo physical, mental and emotional hardships without getting the necessary treatment so they can have healthy and productive lives. Based on a 2002-2003 study conducted by the Health and Human Services’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, there were 100,000 people suffering with alcohol dependency and abuse in the state of Virginia, yet 95,000 people never received the treatment they needed.

Studies have shown that alcohol dependency can lead to post-partum depression and domestic violence. Yet it is not only women who can suffer from the devastating effects of alcohol. In a 2007 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) report conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 11.6% of women who are pregnant will consume 2.4 drinks a day for 4-6 days in a month. This alcohol consumption can lead to women having preterm births and children that suffer from behavioral disorders and birth defects.

Alcohol Treatment Specific To A Woman’s Needs

There are several reasons why so many women do not seek the needed treatment. They may have no transportation to get to a facility. The women may have no one to watch the children so they can get the proper treatment. In addition, they may be afraid that the treatment will not be suited to their particular needs.

Yet throughout the state of West Virginia and across the country, there are alcohol recovery treatment centers tailored to the specific needs of women. These programs offer residential recovery programs, outpatient treatment and reintegration programs for women, women who are pregnant and women who have children. The programs may also offer childcare and well-care services so women feel confident that their children are looked after properly while they undergo detoxification, therapy and rehab programs. Every treatment center will offer different services, so it is best to research and ask questions so that you can get through the program successfully.

Women-Only Alcohol Treatment Centers In West Virginia

Women-only alcohol treatment programs are located throughout West Virginia. These helpful environments allow women to be in a supportive environment that encourages them to complete the offered program. Some treatment centers that may be available in your area:

Prestera Center: 511 Morris Street, Charleston, WV – Kanawha County

The Prestera Center in Charleston offers women-only alcohol detoxification and therapy services. They offer outpatient services as well a residential 3-6 month programs as women can get treated and evaluated when suffering from severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms. The Prestera Center has over 50 other locations as women can seek the treatment center in an area that is close to where they live.

FMRS Health Systems: 101 South Eisenhower Drive, Beckley, WV – Raleigh County

FMRS is a women-only treatment facility in Beckley offering alcohol therapy programs for women, pregnant women and women with children. They offer halfway houses, live-in rehab centers and extended stay programs. Women can get the help they need to specialized 3-6 month recovery programs as there are also reintegration programs to assist women so they can get the resources they need to become positive members of their community and find employment.

Oxford House: 1457 11th Avenue, Huntington, WV – Cabal County

Oxford House is a residential non-treatment halfway house program for women looking for the support they need from other residents suffering with alcohol dependency. They provide a safe environment for women who may need to reside for a period of time if their existing home environment may cause them to return to drinking. Located in Huntington, this halfway house becomes the necessary final step before women return to their lives free of alcohol.

We Can Help You Find The Treatment For Alcohol Dependency

 We can assist you in finding the program specific to your needs and can assist women who desire a supportive therapy environment.The road to recovery is a worthwhile experience if you are suffering with alcohol dependency. If you are having trouble finding a treatment center or program in your area of West Virginia, contact AlcoholTreatment.net. We can assist you in finding the program specific to your needs and can assist women who desire a supportive therapy environment.

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