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Virginia Women Only Alcohol TreatmentAlcohol abuse is a problem that impacts the lives of men, women and children every year. In the state of Virginia, almost 53 percent of residents drink alcohol and almost 23 percent admit to binge drinking, says the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Along with the risks that are related to alcohol addiction, there are additional concerns that may impact the lives of women. Almost 12 percent of pregnant women admit to drinking, says SAMHSA, which can harm an unborn child. Seeking appropriate treatment for alcohol addiction can be essential for recovery.

Reasons Women Drink Alcohol

When women abuse alcohol, there may be reasons that contribute to the dependence and addiction that develops. SAMHSA states that women have a different physiological reaction to the use of alcohol because a woman’s body will metabolize alcohol in a way that differs from men. Women are more susceptible to the effects of alcohol on the body and brain; however, there are additional factors that contribute to the development of an addiction.

The reasons that women may choose to drink include:

  • The way alcohol makes a woman feel
  • Sexual or physical abuse as a child
  • Domestic violence
  • Developing a mental health disorder
  • Discrimination
  • Poor family environment

Although women may begin drinking alcohol for a variety of reasons, the impact of alcohol on the body can be very extreme. In some cases, women will continue abusing alcohol until an addiction develops in an effort to eliminate certain negative emotions or to maintain a feeling that develops when alcohol is abused.

The physical impact of alcohol on a woman is very different from the way that alcohol impacts a man. According to SAMHSA, women are more likely to develop liver disease when alcohol is abused consistently and the impact on the brain is more dramatic. Women are more susceptible to the effects of alcohol, particularly in the case of negative effects on the health of the individual. Due to the complications that may arise when a woman abuses alcohol, a gender-specific treatment program can be a useful way to ensure that women are getting the appropriate help for their specific needs.

Treatment Programs in Virginia

Although the state of Virginia does offer a variety of treatment solutions and programs, many are not gender-specific programs. Fortunately, the state does offer some treatment options that are designed to address the needs and goals of women.

Bethany Hall, Inc. is a treatment program that is specifically designed for the needs and goals of women who want to recover from alcohol addiction. The treatment options range from a 30-day residential program to a six-month program based on the needs and goals of women. There is also a program for women who are pregnant or for women who have young children. Women are also offered outpatient services and aftercare treatment when the initial program is completed.

Rubicon Women’s Treatment is a program that offers services for women who are trying to recover from addiction and who may need to focus on gender-specific concerns. The program offers individual and group counseling services. Furthermore, Rubicon has a Women and Children’s Treatment program that is designed for single mothers who may have young children.

The Women’s Home, Inc. is a transitional program that is designed to help women who have completed a basic 30-day treatment program and may need additional assistance to maintain sobriety. The program offers a safe environment for women and group counseling that can help with long-term recovery results. To enter the home, women are expected to have completed a 30 day program.

Reaching for Recovery Goals

Contact today to learn more about the treatment programs that are available in Virginia.Women can recover from alcohol addiction with the right tools and assistance. In many cases, women need gender-specific programs that focus on the specific factors that are contributing to a woman’s use of alcohol. Contact today to learn more about the treatment programs that are available in Virginia.

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