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Utah Women Only Alcohol TreatmentThe state of Utah has a relatively low rate of alcohol abuse. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, about 31 percent of state residents drink alcohol and roughly 16 percent of residents admit to binge drinking. Although the rates of alcohol abuse can seem low, when a loved one is addicted to alcohol, it can be important to seek an appropriate treatment program. For women, a gender-specific treatment program may be an appropriate solution. Since roughly 12 percent of pregnant women abuse alcohol, according to SAMHSA, treating the addiction with appropriate services can be an important part of limiting the potential health risks.

Risks of Alcohol Abuse

A woman’s physiological structure is very different from a man’s body, which means that she can face a greater number of complications. According to the National Institutes on Health, women generally have a smaller body and the amount of water in a woman’s body is significantly less when compared to the water in a man’s body. As a result, alcohol has a greater impact on a woman and the toxins in alcohol effect the internal organs in more dramatic ways.

Health risks associated with alcohol abuse include:

  • A greater risk of suicide
  • Liver damage
  • Heart disease
  • Damages to the brain
  • Breast cancer or other forms of cancer
  • Developing mental health disorders

SAMHSA states that women are more likely to develop mental health disorders when they abuse alcohol and the effects on their physical body can be more dramatic. Since women are smaller than men, on average, they are more likely to develop health conditions and problems when they drink alcohol. Along with the potential physical effects, any mental health disorders are likely to get worse over time and women who did not have any mental health disorders may develop a disorder after abusing alcohol.

The reasons that women may drink alcohol can be complicated, but there are clear risks associated with the abuse of alcohol. As a general rule, women should not drink more than one drink per day, says SAMHSA. Otherwise, women are taking risks with their physical and emotional well-being.

Treatment Programs in Utah

Treating an addiction to alcohol can be an important part of reaching recovery goals. For women, it may be appropriate to seek gender-specific programs that are designed to address any concerns related to postpartum depression, mental health disorders, trauma or health concerns that directly impact the lives of women.

The Bear River Health Department is a medical facility that offers substance abuse treatment programs. Among the programs that are available for adults is a women’s treatment program. The program offers counseling services and specialized treatments for women who are abusing alcohol and may be effected by additional outside sources. The program also provides solutions for women who have young children.

Turning Point Centers is a non-12 step treatment program that is designed to address the concerns that arise with alcohol abuse. Although it is not specifically a women’s program, it is a small treatment facility that focuses on small groups and individual treatment solutions. Due to the limited size, it can offer a greater amount of personal care and treatment when compared to larger facilities.

The Southwest Behavioral Health Center is a treatment solution that offers outpatient services to adult women. The program is designed to address concerns related to addiction, including co-occurring disorders. Since the program is designed for the needs of women, it offers prenatal options and treatments that are appropriate for women who have young children. The provided childcare assistance ensures that women can focus on their recovery goals while they are in the treatment program.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

To learn more about treatment programs in Utah, contact AlcoholTreatment.net today.Abusing alcohol is dangerous for the health and well-being of a woman. It can cause a variety of health concerns and risks; however, there are treatment options that can help with recovery goals. To learn more about treatment programs in Utah, contact AlcoholTreatment.net today.

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