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Tennessee Women Only Alcohol TreatmentAlcohol dependence affects more than a person might think – even when a person thinks she is doing a good job of hiding it. Using alcohol to “escape” certain feelings or daily actions allows most people to zone out on family, friends, co-workers and herself. Alcohol dependence also causes health concerns including mental health issues and physical issues. Furthermore, alcohol often leads to domestic violence. When most people think of domestic violence, they picture a man abusing a woman; however, in many cases, it is the opposite.

Effects of Alcohol Dependence on Women

Effects of alcohol dependence vary from person to person. A loved one might exhibit one or more of these effects. Unless a person is in denial, she might notice some of these issues in herself, thus propelling her to try to find help.

Psychological problems (1) are more likely to cause alcohol dependency in females who suffer from issues such as anxiety, depression, phobias, bipolar affective disorder, eating disorders, psychosexual disorders and posttraumatic stress disorder may be visible in someone with an alcohol dependency. The study found that these issues led to substance dependency more often than men with the same issues. The study also notes that women were more apt to need help battling emotional problems at a younger age than men; and that women were more likely to attempt suicide prior to resorting to substance abuse.

Additionally, certain traumatic events including physical and sexual abuse, an accident, an immediate physical illness or even a major disruption in family life is more likely to cause women to turn to alcohol than any of these events would for men. Because the traumatic event won’t let a person move on, that person continues abusing alcohol to cope with these events. It becomes a vicious circle and doesn’t allow a woman to stop drinking. This in turn may cause the emotional illnesses to appear.

Eventually, even if a woman doesn’t exhibit physical or emotional issues, her dependency will affect family life. She may not be able to make it to work more often as time goes by, may start neglecting household duties, and may even become short-tempered with her spouse and children.

Women-Only Treatment Programs

Because alcohol dependency could have extensive psychological effects on women, and because males may be a “trigger” for needing that next drink, it is best for most women to find help in treatment programs for women only. Furthermore, because of certain social stigma and discrimination associated with women and alcohol abuse, women with a dependency might feel more comfortable in a program with only women. Furthermore, if a woman is pregnant, she may not feel comfortable discussing pregnancy-related and dependency-related issues among men.

Tennessee has 33 treatment recovery centers for women only scattered throughout the state. Cities include Bristol, Chattanooga, Cookeville, Clarksville, Dyersburg, Dickson, Jackson, Knoxville, Johnson City, Nashville, Memphis, Nunnelly, Seymour, Savannah and Sevierville.

Rehab services vary at treatment centers. Types of rehab services may include inpatient care, extended stay care for three to six months, reintegration programs, halfway houses, or even a combination of mental health and alcohol dependency/abuse services.

Of course, if a woman with alcohol dependency has physical issues such as kidney, liver, heart or other issues that may have been caused by alcohol dependency; you should seek medical help immediately. Since the urge to take a drink will most likely still be there after physical treatment, you should have a treatment program picked out and researched.

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To find a women-only alcohol treatment recovery center, contact AlcoholTreatment.Net todayIf you feel that you or a loved one needs help, you can find women-only treatment centers in Tennessee by contacting AlcoholTreatment.net. Using this resource will shorten the time you spend in trying to find the perfect program for your situation or your loved one’s situation.

Take your life back – or help your spouse take her life back – by finding a women-only treatment center that best meets the needs of a woman with alcohol dependency or alcohol dependency combined with one or more psychological/emotional issues.

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