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South Dakota Women Only Alcohol TreatmentEffects of Alcohol Dependence in Women

One of the key factors in considering a treatment program for alcohol dependence or abuse is gender. The biological and social factors that differ between males and females can have a dramatic effect on sobriety. A main issue here is the barriers faced by females in regards to alcohol recovery that are not relative to alcohol dependent males. For example, female alcohol abusers are more likely to have child care responsibilities and less of a financial ability to be able to afford treatment in comparison to males. Also, there is a social stigma for females who are dealing with alcohol dependency that discourages them from seeking treatment or help.

Another more latent issue for females struggling with alcohol dependency is the connection between substance abuse and physiological effects and psychosocial problems. Females are commonly associated with a lower tolerance of alcohol due to physical differences in size compared to males. This also means that females are more likely to suffer from physiological effects as related to alcohol abuse.

As for psychosocial effects of alcohol dependency, females tend to abuse alcohol as a result of traumatic events in their life. This creates underlying issues that are related to dependency, and therefore sobriety, which makes treatment more of a complex situation. As a result, female-only alcohol dependence or abuse treatment programs are optimal when gender-specific.

Studies Involving Female-only Treatment

In a study by Dahlgren and Willander in 1989, 200 women in alcohol treatment outpatient and residential programs were noted as having a decline in job loss and alcohol use over a two year period following treatment. Studies such as these support the theory that female-only recovery treatment centers are successful.

Women-only Treatment Programs in South Dakota

In South Dakota 62,000 individuals over 12 years of age reported alcohol dependence or abuse in 2006-2007, according to SAMHSA. As a result, there are dozens of programs for treatment throughout this Midwestern state. Several of these programs and centers provide gender-specific treatment approaches for females. Such programs typically include treatment for women with young children or women who are pregnant. Additionally, holistic treatment is often inclusive in these programs as a way to provide long-term support, such as through case management with child care and housing post recovery. In addition to having female-only residential housing, most of the female-centered treatment programs in South Dakota offer counseling and therapeutic programming for women separately from men.

Behavior Management Systems Full Circle

Located in Rapid City, Behavior Management Systems serves the western portion of the state. The BMS program called Full Circle is billed as a residential program exclusively for mothers of young children and women who are pregnant. Services extended to females in recovery include prenatal care, parenting lessons, nutritional advice, and counseling. Females who go through treatment can also receive housing and childcare case management, as well as continued care following the birth.

Glory House of Sioux Falls

The Glory House in Sioux Falls is located in the most populated city in the state and in eastern South Dakota. This facility is partnered with the South Dakota Women’s Prison to offer female-only programs for alcohol dependence. Via the Alcohol and Other Drugs Program patients receive eight weeks of inpatient or outpatient treatment. Additionally, the Glory House offers the Native American Treatment program to coincide with the large population of Native Americans in the state.

Keystone Treatment Center

South of Sioux Falls in Canton, SD is the Keystone Treatment Center. This facility supports the science that women who have undergone sexual, physical or emotional trauma have a greater rate of treatment success when in gender specific treatment. Therefore, at the Keystone Treatment Center female patients receive care along separate tracks than males. Also, housing is female-only for those in inpatient treatment.

Volunteers of Americas Dakotas New Start for Women

The Volunteers of Americas Dakotas in Sioux Falls offers the New Start for Women program. At this 24-hour program women who are pregnant, as well as women with young children, can enter residential treatment. By providing holistic alcohol treatment for women, New Start for Women enables sobriety through structured and therapeutic care.

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o learn more about how you can access women’s only recovery centers in South Dakota, contact To learn more about how you can access women’s only recovery centers in South Dakota, contact Here you will find information that will help you as you make your path toward sobriety. If you are concerned with the sobriety of a female in your life, then check out our extensive resources that will aid you in making the proactive move toward saving their life.

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