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South Carolina Women Only Alcohol TreatmentSubstance abuse disorders can be devastating both for individuals and for those who care about them. They damage relationships, careers, and families. For many people suffering from these diseases, rehab is the best option for successfully moving forward with a sober lifestyle.

Alcohol use and abuse remains widespread throughout the United States, including among women. Studies have found that women make up about one third of those admitted to substance abuse treatment center, and the period from 1992 to 2002 saw an uptick in the number of women who sought treatment. It is also worth noting that many professionals are concerned about women not coming forward for help because of fears such as losing their children or a societal stigma, which means that the number of addicts throughout South Carolina could be even more widespread. Across both genders in South Carolina alone, about 782,000 people aged 12 and older admit to binge drinking in the past month according to a 2007 survey, and 126,000 are considered alcohol dependent. These numbers speak to the need of successful rehabilitation programs to help patients regain control of their lives.

The Effects of Alcohol Dependence on Women

Women who abuse alcohol have a greater risk of severe side effects, making it extremely important for them to find the help they need. According to the Center for Disease Control, women have a higher risk of cirrhosis of the liver and other liver diseases from alcohol than men. They also have increased risk of memory loss and brain shrinkage from excessive alcohol as well as risk to the heart and risks of various cancers, including elevated risks for breast cancer.

Women who abuse alcohol also place themselves at risk for sexual assaults and domestic violence. Alcohol abuse also increases the likelihood of a woman having unprotected sex with multiple partners, which raises the risk of sexual transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Women who drink during pregnancy may end up causing permanent damage to their babies.

Women-Only Treatment Centers

In response to the needs of women coping with addictions, there are a number of different treatment centers throughout South Carolina dedicated specifically to helping women. Studies reviewed by SAMHSA have found that women who go through gender specific programs have a higher likelihood of being offered childcare and other women-centric services. Many women also find the single gender atmosphere to be more conducive to finding camaraderie and bonding with other patients and discussing issues that pertain more specifically to women, such as self-esteem issues or issues with relationship partners. These women only programs tend to follow a wide range of treatment plans, including long term and short term care, medication based and alternative therapy base. A number also offer services as halfway house to help women transitioning back into society.

Women-Only Centers in South Carolina

Miracle Hill Ministries – Greenville

This is a faith centered program that offers residential treatment on a short term basis as well as a halfway house for those who have completed the initial rehab treatment. They have separate treatment programs for men and women. The women’s program works especially with women who have been physically or sexually abused.

Hannah House – Columbia

Hannah House provides women with a 3-6 month stay to help them overcome their substance abuse problem. They offer a number of different women-centric services, including childcare and parenting classes to give women the best chance possible to reclaim their lives. They also offer services such as job skills training, life skills training, and financial counseling.

Keystone Substance Abuse Services

Keystone provides a number of different services, including both medical detoxification and residential services. The residential services are specifically geared towards helping pregnant women overcome their substance abuse problems to deliver healthy babies. The residential treatment services are 24 hour treatment services along with therapy and prenatal care.

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Patients or their loves ones interested in learning more about the various treatment options available, including women-only treatment centers, should contact Finding the best rehab can feel overwhelming. Patients or their loves ones interested in learning more about the various treatment options available, including women-only treatment centers, should contact There, they will be able to explore more about the options available and be able to find the program will work best for the patient.

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