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Rhode Island Women Only Alcohol TreatmentAlcohol is an accepted substance in society – and many Americans enjoy such a beverage in social settings, at celebrations and just as a means to unwind after a busy day at the office. However, although accepted, alcohol is also one thing that many struggle with. A drink here or there is fine, but when people become dependent on alcohol to feel good or to suppress feelings, then it’s an issue. Worst of all, many people who venture down this path of addiction may not even realize that they have a problem.

Contrary to what many people believe, women are just as likely to develop a problem with alcohol as men are. However, unlike men, they’re also less likely to seek treatment. There are a bevy of reasons as to why they refuse to seek the necessary treatment, but one of the biggest reasons is because many women don’t believe there’s an abundance of appropriate treatment options for them. That’s where women-only alcohol recovery treatment centers come into play. Unlike gender neutral rehabilitation centers, women-only facilities focus solely on the issues that women face when it comes to alcohol and help them take the appropriate measures to fight it.

Alcoholism and Women

While both men and women are equally likely to develop a dependence on alcohol, it’s a fact that the effects of the substance hit women harder than they do men. For instance, women who drink heavily have a greater risk of developing health problems that include breast cancer, brain damage, liver disease, heart disease, high blood pressure and infertility.

In Rhode Island, 35,000 people were identified as being dependent on alcohol in 2007, many of them women. About 76,000 were identified as either being dependent on alcohol or having abused alcohol. Finally, some 74,000 were identified as needing to seek treatment for alcohol issues, but weren’t enrolled in any programs at the time.

Value of Women-Only Treatment

As noted earlier, many women don’t seek the necessary treatment for alcohol dependence. Part of this is due to the fact that there’s still a social stigma associated with women “alcoholics,” and a perception that this is still frowned upon. Another reason is the aforementioned lack of knowing where to get adequate help. Instead of seeking rehabilitation, women will often seek treatment from their primary physician or OBGYN. This course of action is generally inefficient.

Women-only treatment centers don’t just provide a venue where women can seek the treatment that they need when it comes to alcohol dependence, but such facilities have trained professionals that can truly get to the bottom of the underlying issues that caused women to drink in the first place. For many women, anxiety, depression and stress may have led them to drinking. For others, the likes of domestic and sexual abuse. Women-only rehabilitation centers are designed to treat alcohol dependence – and often in a holistic, effective way.

Women-Only Alcohol Recovery Treatment Centers in Rhode Island

Despite Rhode Island’s status as the smallest state in the union, it’s not without its share of women-only treatment centers. In Providence, there’s the CODAC Providence center, which specializes in treating pregnant and postpartum women. CODAC Providence specializes in outpatient treatment and helps women through holistic and alternative treatment. Also in Providence is the Women and Infants Hospital Project Link, another outpatient counseling venue that specializes in treating pregnant and postpartum women. In Warwick, there’s AdCare Hospital Warwick, a women-only treatment center that also offers outpatient treatment services. Woonsocket is home to the Tri Hab King House, which offers long-term inpatient substance abuse treatment up to 120 days.

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For more information on women-only alcohol treatment centers in Rhode Island, contact AlcoholTreatment.net today. For more information on women-only alcohol treatment centers in Rhode Island, contact AlcoholTreatment.net today. We look forward to setting you up with the right women’s treatment facility that can put you on the path to a happy, healthy life.

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