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Puerto Rico Women Only Alcohol TreatmentAlcohol abuse causes problems throughout the United States, but it is also a serious issue faced by many people in U.S. territories. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, over 128,000 people in the territory of Puerto Rico were suffering from alcohol abuse in 2004 alone. Fortunately, women in Puerto Rico who are suffering from an addiction to alcohol can find plenty of resources to help them recover.

Women and Alcohol Dependence

Both males and females can experience a variety of health problems and other complications as a result of alcohol abuse. However, the consequences experienced by women are unique. For example, the National Institutes of Health reports that addiction to alcohol can increase the risk of heart disease, liver dysfunction and breast cancer among women. Abuse of alcohol can also cause significant problems in pregnancy, including birth defects, stillbirth and an increased risk of miscarriage. In addition, women who abuse alcohol during pregnancy may experience a greater risk of postpartum depression.

Women-Only Alcohol Treatment

Women-only alcohol treatment programs are programs that have been developed to treat women who suffer from alcohol dependence or abuse. Much like coed programs, women-only alcohol treatment programs utilize a number of different modalities, which many include addiction education, medical treatment, psychological evaluation, behavioral therapy and more. However, women-only treatment programs often include other modalities that address the unique issues experienced by women who are addicted to alcohol.

Alcohol addiction can manifest for a variety of reasons. However, many women begin abusing alcohol after experiencing a trauma, such as physical or sexual abuse. Women-only treatment programs are designed to address these sensitive issues within a safe environment. Likewise, with no men present, women can effectively focus on their recovery with fewer distractions.

Alcohol Treatment Centers in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is home to several alcohol treatment centers that serve women. Below are some of the facilities available in the area.

Centro de Transformacion Social

Located in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, the Centro de Transformacion Social offers residential alcohol abuse treatment programs that last a minimum of 30 days. This facility also offers mental health treatment to assist patients in discovering the cause of their addictions.

Centro Detox y Tratamiento Metadona SJ

The Centro Detox y Tratamiento Metadona is located in Rio Piedras. This facility offers detoxification services, as well as substance abuse therapy. The Centro Detox y Tratamiento Metadona serves both men and women.

Centro de Tratamiento Residential

The Centro de Tratamiento Residential is located in San Juan and offers residential treatment programs lasting at least 30 days. Programs available at this location include both detoxification services and substance abuse treatment, as well as mental health treatment. Payment assistance programs are available for patients who cannot afford to pay for treatment on their own.

Finding Treatment in Puerto Rico

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