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Oregon Women Only Alcohol TreatmentThe abuse of alcohol can impact the lives of women in a way that differs from the impact on men. In the state of Oregon, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration states that almost 56 percent of the residents drink alcohol and roughly 22 percent admit to binge drinking. Since women can have more complications that may arise in relation to alcohol abuse, particularly in the case of pregnancy and pre-natal health, it is important to seek appropriate treatment for alcohol addiction.

Impact of Alcohol Abuse on Women

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, alcohol addiction and abuse can have physiological impacts on women that are more significant and different from the impact of alcohol on men. Although certain risks, like liver damage and heart disease, are similar between men and women, SAMHSA states that the impact of alcohol is usually more significant when a woman drinks in excess.

The gender differences associated with alcohol abuse mean that women metabolize alcohol in a way that differs from men. As a result, women are more likely to develop liver disease or other health problems after abusing alcohol.

Along with the impact on the liver, alcohol has a greater impact on the brain of women. In many cases, women are more prone to neurological impacts after abusing alcohol, including the potential to face damage to the brain over time. Furthermore, the possibility of developing mental health disorders like depression or anxiety may be related to the increased susceptibility to the neurological effects of alcohol abuse.

The effects of alcohol that may impact the health of women include:

  • Damage to the liver
  • Heart disease
  • Neurological effects, particularly damage to the brain
  • Development of depression or anxiety
  • Other mental health disorders
  • Higher risk of suicide

Abusing alcohol can be life-threatening when a women does not take measures to recover from the substance. Fortunately, there are treatment programs that are specifically designed to address the concerns of women and the possible differences between genders that may make other treatment programs inappropriate for many women.

Treatment Options in Oregon

The state of Oregon has a variety of treatment programs to help with substance abuse. Along with the basic programs, the state offers gender-specific options that can help women recover from alcohol abuse.

Awakenings by the Sea is a small treatment program that is designed for the needs of women. The program offers individual counseling, 12-step therapy, group counseling, family therapy and educational programs. Since the program is designed for the needs of women, it offers treatment solutions that can assist women with any factors that may contribute to alcohol abuse, including traumatic experiences.

For women who prefer a holistic approach to recovery, The Rosebriar is a treatment program that may be appropriate for personal goals. The treatment program focuses on holistic healing solutions as well as counseling to help with the recovery process. Women are given the skills they need to prevent a relapse and the training to improve personal health after completing the treatment program.

Hazeldon offers a treatment program in Oregon for women who want to recover from substance abuse. Since the program recognizes that ways that alcohol can impact a woman’s life and health, it focuses on managing the complications that may otherwise arise when a woman is trying to recover from alcohol addiction. The program provides gender-specific group therapy, individual therapy and treatments for co-occurring disorders that may be contributing to the substance abuse and development of the addiction. Along with the basic therapy, the treatment program offers personalized treatment plans to assist with recovery and relapse prevention.

Regaining Personal Wellness

 To learn more about the treatment programs that are available in Oregon, contact AlcoholTreatment.net today.It is possible to recover from alcohol addiction, but women may need to focus on gender-specific programs that recognize the way that women are impacted by the use of alcohol. To learn more about the treatment programs that are available in Oregon, contact AlcoholTreatment.net today.

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