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Oklahoma Women Only Alcohol TreatmentThough alcohol affects the lives of millions of men and women each year, it is no secret that it affects each gender differently. Simply put, women have to go through certain issues and must face certain concerns that men do not when it comes to treatment and recovery.

Oklahoma Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse is a particularly serious problem in Oklahoma. In the last year alone, it is estimated that there were 3400 instances of treatment for alcohol dependence or abuse. The total number of people who needed treatment for alcohol use but were not receiving it was much higher at 6560 individuals.

Risks for Women

One of the many risks that women face when it comes to alcohol abuse has to do with anemia. Heavy drinking on a regular basis in women can cause the total number of red blood cells in a woman’s body to drop to an unusually low level, which is otherwise known as anemia. Symptoms of this type of condition can include a general shortness of breath, fatigue, a feeling of lightheadedness that you just can’t seem to shake and more.

Another significant risk that women face when it comes to the abuse of alcohol is an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Consuming larger than average amounts of alcohol on a regular basis makes the formation of blood clots significantly more likely, which can directly lead to a stroke or heart attack in women. Harvard published a study in 2005 that indicated that those who binge drink essentially doubled their risk of death due to these types of cardiovascular issues.

Additionally, alcohol in general affects women in a significantly different way than it will a man. If a man and a woman consume the same amount of alcohol, the blood alcohol level in that woman will always be higher. As a result, the liver of that woman will also be at an increased risk for certain types of conditions.

Women Only Treatment Facilities

Women only treatment facilities are excellent for addressing these types of specific issues. At the same time, they can also be helpful if a woman is going through certain other conditions in addition to alcohol dependency issues, particularly when it comes to sexual, verbal or emotional abuse.

Options in Oklahoma

Women in Oklahoma have a wide variety of different options available to them when it comes to alcohol treatment and recovery centers. Most major areas in the sate including Clinton, Edmond, Frederick, Guthrie, McLoud, Miami and more all have facilities that specialize in the treatment of women.

The Kiamichi Council on Alcoholism and Other Drug Abuse Center in Idabel, Oklahoma is one of these facilities. It specializes in the treatment of alcohol abuse in women in both inpatient and sober living capacities. Another such facility in the area is the Edmond Family Counseling Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Services Center in Edmond, which specializes in a mixture of mental health and substance abuse services that are specifically designed with women in mind.

Another facility in the area is called Professional Counseling Solutions, which is located in Frederick. It also offers a mixture of mental health and substance abuse services and is acutely equipped to treat women who are experiencing a wide variety of different conditions. Eagle Ridge Family Treatment Center, located in Guthrie Oklahoma, also specializes in women only treatment recovery services. It offers extended stay alcohol treatment services that can range anywhere from three to six months depending on the severity of the issue at hand.

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If you're in Oklahoma and wish to find out more information about women only recovery treatment centers, contact AlcoholTreatment.net as soon as you can.If you’re in Oklahoma and wish to find out more information about women only recovery treatment centers, contact AlcoholTreatment.net as soon as you can. In addition to providing detailed information about recovery programs for women, we can also help find a treatment facility in your area that is best suited to attend to your specific needs moving forward. Whether you’re looking for inpatient services or a long term care facility, we can get you the help that you need and will support you every step of the way throughout the entire process.

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