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North Dakota Women Only Alcohol TreatmentIn North Dakota, a large percentage of the residents drink alcohol. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, about 60 percent of residents drink alcohol and roughly 32 percent admit to binge drinking. When women abuse alcohol, the reasons and factors that contribute to abuse can differ significantly from the reasons that men use the substance. SAMHSA states that women are more likely to develop health concerns when they abuse alcohol and they may abuse alcohol while they are pregnant. According to SAMHSA, roughly 12 percent of women admit to drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Although the reasons for substance abuse can vary, gender-specific treatment programs can help women reach their recovery goals.

Reasons for Alcohol Abuse

The reasons that women may abuse alcohol can differ significantly from men. By understanding the factors that may contribute to alcohol abuse and the development of an addiction, it is easier to understand the ways that women’s treatment programs must differ.

Factors that may contribute to alcohol abuse can include:

  • Mental health disorders, particularly depression, anxiety or bi-polar disorder
  • Post-partum depression
  • Pregnancy and the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy
  • Economic factors
  • Physiological factors, particularly the greater effect of alcohol on a woman’s body
  • Sexual abuse during childhood
  • Physical abuse at any time, particularly domestic violence

Women are more likely to develop health conditions in relation to alcohol abuse, explains SAMHSA. Since alcohol has a greater impact on a woman’s body, they may face more complications when compared to men. Furthermore, women may drink alcohol as a direct result of mental health disorders, post-partum depression or similar problems that may arise. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism explains that alcohol abuse can complicate a mental health disorder and may contribute to the development of an addiction.

Although trauma can happen to men and women, the type of traumatic experiences and the treatment for those experiences can be significantly different. Women may not always be comfortable discussing traumatic experiences in a mixed-gender treatment program. Fortunately, they can obtain assistance at a gender-specific program.

Treatment Options

Although there are many treatment programs for addiction in North Dakota, many of the program are not gender-specific and may not offer all of the options that women need. Fortunately, some programs do recognize the possible complications that relate to gender differences and offer individual treatment programs to ensure that each person has the right treatment for her needs.

Prairie Saint John’s offers a treatment program for adults and adolescents that focuses on the recovery goals of the individual and creating a healthy support system so that the risk of relapsing is limited. Although the program is not gender-specific, individual counseling and treatments are available and the program offers long-term outpatient options after an individual completes the initial treatment program.

The Heartview Foundation is another treatment program that offers solutions to help with recovery. It is not a gender-specific program, but it does offer inpatient treatments and outpatient treatments that can help with long-term goals and assist women with their plans for an extended period of time. It also offers individual counseling, family therapy and treatments for co-occurring disorders so that each individual has the treatment that is appropriate for her recovery goals.

Although the Dakota Women’s Correctional Rehab Center is a treatment program that is gender-specific, it is designed for the needs of women who have engaged in criminal behavior. For example, a woman who has been pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol may be required to go through the program. As a correctional program, it strives to assist women with recovery and encourage behaviors that will not result in a repeat offense.

Gaining a New Life

 To learn more about treatment in North Dakota, contact abuse can change the way that an individual looks as her life. Fortunately, treatment is available to help with recovery and encourage a healthy lifestyle. To learn more about treatment in North Dakota, contact

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