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New York Women Only Alcohol TreatmentThe abuse of alcohol can impact the lives of families around New York State, but it can be particularly complicated when the individual who is abusing the substance is a woman. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, roughly 55 percent of New York residents use alcohol and about 23 percent admit to binge drinking. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration states that the use of alcohol among pregnant women is a particular concern due to the complications associated with treating the situation. Almost 12 percent of pregnant women report the use of alcohol while pregnant, but there are treatment solutions that can help.

Why Addiction is a Concern for Women

There are several reasons that alcohol addiction is a particular concern for women. A key reason is the risks that can impact an unborn child or the children that have already been born. Alcohol addiction impacts the lives of every individual who is involved with the woman, particularly children and family members.

Along with the risks associated with pregnancy, the reasons that a woman may abuse alcohol can differ from the reasons that a man uses the substance. Some factors that may complicate treatment include:

  • Traumatic experiences, particularly abuse or domestic violence
  • Mental health disorders
  • Higher rates of poverty, particularly among single mothers or young women
  • Environmental risk factors
  • Stresses that are specific to women

Since women may have complications that are difficult to treat, a program that is gender-specific can be an essential part of recovery. Women may not feel comfortable discussing the traumatic experiences that they have faced in a group setting if there are also men in the treatment program. Furthermore, it may be easier for women to discuss their concerns, goals and situation when the other individuals in a program can understand their situation.

Treatment Programs

The treatment programs that are available in the state of New York offer a variety of solutions to help women recover from alcohol addiction and maintain their recovery after a treatment program is completed. Although the programs can have different types of treatment options available, the state has gender-specific options that allow women to focus on their recovery and goals.

The Phoenix House on Lake Ronkonkoma offers a mother and child residential services program that is gender-specific and focuses on the needs of a woman who may be caring for the needs of a child or more than one child. The program offers recovery training and relapse prevention courses that help women learn how to avoid substance abuse in the future. Furthermore, it offers programs to teach women about parenting and provides courses for the mother and child. During the treatment programs and the support groups, the program has a child-care facility to ensure that children are as safe as possible.

New Hope Manor is another treatment program that is specifically designed for the needs of women. The gender-specific program offers residential care for teenaged girls, women, pregnant women and young mothers. Dual-diagnosis treatment is available in the program and it offers services to help rebuild the bonds between families while a woman is focusing on recovery.

The United Bronx Parents, Inc. or UBP, Inc., offers a treatment program that is designed for homeless women and their children at La Casita. The residential treatment focuses on helping with recovery and assisting women who may need a greater amount of education before they are able to handle a new lifestyle. During the treatment, women learn different ways to avoid substance abuse after treatment is completed and the life skills that they need to move on after treatment.

Gaining Hope for the Future

 To learn more about the treatment options that are available in New York, contact today.It is important to treat alcohol addiction, but women may feel more comfortable in a gender-specific program that focuses on their specific concerns and goals. To learn more about the treatment options that are available in New York, contact today.

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