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Nevada Women Only Alcohol TreatmentThe use of alcohol is not an uncommon situation, but an addiction can develop when the substance is abused. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, roughly 52 percent of Nevada residents admit to using alcohol and 24 percent admit to binge drinking. When women binge drink and develop an addiction, it can be necessary to start seeking a treatment program that is specifically designed for the needs of a woman. Since there is a possibility of drinking alcohol while pregnant, nursing or caring for children, a program that offers solutions to help with the situation can be beneficial.

Why Seek Specialized Treatment

Gender-specific treatments are not a necessity, but it can be a good choice when the causes of an addiction to alcohol are very complicated. Since women may not always feel comfortable discussing certain concerns and factors that contribute to alcohol abuse in a group that is not gender-specific, avoiding a treatment facility that treats both genders can be an important part of recovery.

Along with the basic concerns related to comfort levels, there are factors that may contribute to addiction that are not common among men. The factors may include:

  • Sexual abuse at any time in a woman’s life
  • Physical abuse, specifically domestic violence
  • Traumatic experiences that are not specifically a form of violence or abuse
  • Mental health disorders, particularly anxiety disorders, bi-polar disorder or severe depression
  • Health concerns, such as post-partum depression
  • Concerns related to pregnancy or raising children

Women can have several complications that impact treatment, so a facility that considers the possible factors that may contribute to substance abuse can make it easier to focus on recovery. Since a gender-specific program can allow women to bring in young children or may offer parenting classes as well as addiction treatments and relapse prevention courses, it can provide a greater amount of solutions to help a woman recover from alcohol and reduce the risk of a relapse in the future. Women can feel comfortable discussing the causes of addiction when a program will only include other women who understand their situation.

Treatment Programs

Although Nevada has a wide range of treatment options, not every program is designed for the needs of women. Some gender-specific options can be a good choice for women, but a family-oriented option may also be appropriate for the goals of a woman.

The WestCare Foundation offers treatment programs that are available in Nevada for women and their children. Since the program focuses on the recovery goals of the individuals who are seeking treatment, it offers detoxification services, addiction treatments and recovery prevention. It also provides youth services and specific programs for pregnant women or women who are caring for children. Due to the family orientation, it can help women who may need parenting classes or assistance with the care of children.

Vision House is a sober-living home for women that offers evidence based treatment programs to help women start recovering from alcohol addiction and abuse. Although the program has sober homes that are specifically designed for the needs of women, it also has separate homes for men. The treatment programs are based on the needs of the individual, but often focus on gender-specific counseling and services.

Although the Carson City Community Counseling Center is not specifically designed for the needs of women, it does focus on families and treating addiction that impacts the lives of women. The program offers gender-specific counseling options and can help women who are pregnant or who are caring for children. Furthermore, the program strives to help families forgive and re-create the bonds that may have been damaged from alcohol addiction.

Gaining a New Perspective

 To learn more about treatment options in Nevada, contact today.Alcohol addiction can change the life of an individual who is abusing the substance, but that does not mean that there is no hope. Treatment is available that focuses on the specific goals and concerns of a woman. To learn more about treatment options in Nevada, contact today.

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