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Montana Women Only Alcohol TreatmentLiving in beautiful Montana allows you to enjoy the mountain views and relaxed lifestyle. Unfortunately, many women can’t enjoy their daily lives because they suffer from the physically, emotional and mental affects of alcohol dependency. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, over 5.7 million women suffer from alcohol use disorder. They may develop health issues such as cancers, liver inflammations, heart arrhythmia, and weakened immune systems.

In the state of Montana, over 82,000 people are alcohol dependent or abuse alcohol according to a 2003 study conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services, SAMSHA agency. Of these people, 76,000 never receive the treatment they need for their alcohol use.

Understanding The Importance Of Alcohol Dependency Treatment

Getting treatment has to be paramount for women to have happy and healthy lives. Yet there could be a number of reasons why they cannot go to a clinic to receive services. They may be worried that their children will be taken away because they have an alcohol dependency problem. They may be the only breadwinner in the family and think they cannot get treatment while holding down their jobs. Other women simply feel embarrassed about admitting that they have a problem.

There are women-only treatment programs and services available in Montana. These services cater to the needs of women, women who are pregnant and recent mothers who struggle to get the treatment they need while raising a family. Many services may include outpatient care, transportation, well-care treatment and childcare services. Some facilities will also offer residential programs and halfway houses where women may bring their children to a safe and healthy environment.

The types of programs available will be based on the facility, so women who are looking for treatment must research the list of services offered and select the one that best fits into their lifestyles. Once finding the facility, you will have a greater chance of successfully completing the treatment so that you can live a happy life free of your alcohol dependency.

Montana Women-Only Treatment For Alcohol Dependency

Decide on the best facility for your alcohol dependency treatment based on the types of services that are offered, the location to your residence, and the length of the program. You will have more success at completing the program when you feel relaxed and comfortable in the women-only environment as you can build friendships and seek encouragement. Below is a partial list of facilities with women-only programs and groups.

Boyd Andrew Community Services

At 60 South Last Chance Gulch is the Boyd Andrew Community Services center offering substance abuse treatment. The center provides women-only treatment programs for people who need services yet also have current, steady employment as they must make it to work every day. Boyd Andrew Community Services has regular outpatient treatment and intensive outpatient treatment for women with varying degrees of alcohol dependency.

Wellness Possibilities Inc

Wellness Possibilities Inc is located at 319 1st Avenue in Laurel, Montana. They offer treatment to adult women and adolescents who are suffering from substance abuse and alcohol dependency. The center has both regular outpatient care and intensive outpatient care so people can still lead their daily lives while getting the program treatment they require.

Bullhook Community Health Center Inc

Bullhook Community Health Center Inc. is dedicated to helping people with substance abuse problems. The center is located at 110 13th Street in Havre, Montana as it offers women-only treatment programs. Women with alcohol dependency can seek detoxification and substance abuse treatment services as the care is offered through several service settings: outpatient care, outpatient detoxification, partial hospitalization care, and intensive outpatient care.

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