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Minnesota Women Only Alcohol TreatmentAlcohol is an accepted societal beverage, often consumed in social settings, at celebrations or to unwind after a long day at the office. But when alcohol isn’t consumed responsibly, it can become a problem – a problem to the point where a person becomes dependent on the substance.

Alcohol doesn’t discriminate. Both men and women can become dependent on the substance. And while men are more likely to develop major problems from their drinking, it’s a fact that women are much more vulnerable than men to the effects of alcohol. That’s why it’s important for women to seek treatment for alcohol dependence immediately if they believe that there’s a problem. Today, women seeking treatment for alcohol is arguably more convenient than ever, as there are a bevy of women-only alcohol recovery treatment centers across the nation, let alone in Minnesota.

Effects of Alcohol on Women

In the state of Minnesota, 161,000 citizens were identified as being dependent on alcohol in 2007. Furthermore, 405,000 people were identified as having abused alcohol. And perhaps most alarmingly, 390,000 people were identified as having needed treatment for alcohol abuse, yet didn’t receive it.

We already told you in the opening how alcohol effects women more quickly than it does men – and we aren’t just talking about the buzz. Women who abuse alcohol are more likely to suffer serious health consequences, such as liver disease, brain damage and an increase in the likelihood of developing breast cancer. Osteoporosis, premature menopause, infertility and high blood pressure and heart disease are other common health consequences for women who abuse alcohol.

Women often develop a dependence on alcohol in an attempt to suppress feelings of stress, anxiety or depression. Alcohol can also result from a history of domestic violence or sexual abuse, as a coping mechanism. And finally, alcohol dependence can also come on as a result of genetics, as family also plays a role in terms of risk factor.

Value of Women-Only Alcohol Treatment

While the chances of women recovering from alcohol dependence as just as high as they are for men, many women don’t seek treatment for this issue. This is due to numerous reasons. First, there’s still a negative social stigma regarding a woman being an “alcoholic,” so many don’t want to admit that there’s a problem. Secondly, many women won’t go to a treatment center for alcohol issues, they’ll simply consult with their primary doctor or OBGYN in an attempt to diagnose some sort of underlying problem. That’s why a women-only alcohol treatment center is so beneficial to getting healthy. Such facilities understand the common issues that lead women to drink in the first place and are equipped to treat them. Common underlying causes behind alcohol dependence in women include things like depression, anxiety, stress, domestic violence, sexual abuse and other emotional struggles. Women-centric centers often treat such issues in a holistic manner and offer the support that women often wouldn’t find in a gender neutral facility.

Women-Only Alcohol Treatment Centers in Minnesota

There are a variety of women-only alcohol treatment centers in Minnesota. In fact, three of them are in the Grand Rapids city limits: Northland Recovery Women’s Center, which specializes in holistic and alternative treatment, Pear Lake Women’s Program Hope House, which offers both outpatient and residential treatment, and Rapids Counseling Services, which offers outpatient counseling and specializes in holistic treatment. In Minneapolis, there’s Park Avenue Center (Women’s), which offers both outpatient and short- and long-term residential treatment, as well as inpatient hospitalization, day programs and work programs. RS Eden Women’s Program is another Minneapolis-based treatment center, which offers outpatient counseling as well as long-term residential treatment.

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