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Maine Women Only Alcohol TreatmentIt’s widely accepted in society, but can be detrimental to one’s work and personal lives if the consumption of such were to get out of hand. Yes, we’re talking about alcohol, a common beverage consumed at parties, celebrations, in social settings and as a means of unwinding and relaxing after a long day at the office. But millions of Americans across the United States struggle with alcohol dependence, as they’ve allowed moderate drinking to turn into heavy drinking for one reason or the other. Many of these Americans are women.

While men and women are equally likely to become dependent on alcohol, it’s a fact that women are less likely to actively seek treatment for their problem. There are many reasons as to why, but one of the most significant reasons is due to the fact that many women don’t know where to turn to get the appropriate help and rely on the advice or consultation of their OB/GYN or primary medical physician rather than an appropriate treatment facility. Today, however, there are many women-only alcohol treatment facilities located throughout the United States to help connect with and get women the treatment that they need to kick their dependence and get healthy. Several of these treatment centers are located in Maine.

The Effects of Alcohol Dependence on Women

Men and women are equally likely to develop an addiction to alcohol, but the effects that the substance has on the two sexes differs greatly. For instance, women who drink heavily are likely to feel the impact of alcohol dependence much faster than men. Some common conditions associated with women and alcohol dependence include brain damage, an increase in the likelihood of developing breast cancer, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, liver disease, premature menopause and infertility. That’s why it’s so important that women seek the appropriate treatment for lingering alcohol issues before it’s too late.

In 2007, 38,000 Maine citizens were identified as being dependent on alcohol – many of whom were women. About 85,000 were identified as either abusing alcohol or being dependent on alcohol. And perhaps most alarmingly, about 81,000 people were identified as needing treatment for their alcohol consumption, but were not seeking treatment at the time.

The True Value of Women-Only Recovery Centers

One of the reasons that women don’t receive the necessary treatment for alcohol dependence is because they don’t know where to turn. This is largely because women are likely led to drink for different reasons than men, which is often why they seek the consultation of a trusted doctor rather than rehabilitation. Some common issues that lead to alcohol dependence in women include stress, anxiety, depression, domestic abuse and sexual abuse. A primary doctor or OB/GYN is ill equipped to handle such issues, and while gender-neutral alcohol recovery centers can help, it’s a women-only recovery center that can really help women get to the bottom of their issues and treat them in a holistic, yet effective way.

While recovering from addiction, it’s important to not only have great counseling and support, but to have the support of the peers who are going through the process with you. Women-only recovery centers can help accomplish both of these.

Women-Only Alcohol Recovery Centers in Maine

There are a variety of women-only treatment centers in Maine, several of which are within the city limits of Bangor. For instance, Discovery House and CDRP Clinic Veterans Administration Bangor Clinic both offer outpatient counseling for women and are equipped to treat pregnant and postpartum women and dual-diagnosis patients, respectively. In Augusta, there’s Maine General Residential Services for Women, which offers both outpatient counseling and residential treatment for up to 120 days. Maine General Residential Services for Women specializes in holistic and alternative treatment. Another women-only treatment center is Tibby York Longpre LADC Substance Abuse Services in Lewiston, which offers outpatient counseling through holistic and alternative treatment.

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