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Louisiana Women Only Alcohol TreatmentOften we never consider the devastating effects that alcohol can cause to our mental and physical well-being. We often convince ourselves that one drink can’t hurt as we have even seen research on television that claims that alcohol can protect adults from coronary heart disease. Yet alcohol can cause a host of other problems that include high blood pressure, stroke, arrhthymia, pancreatitis, cirrhosis, breast cancer, liver cancer and other physical conditions.

Unfortunately adults, including women, are finding themselves craving alcohol as they drink more and for longer periods of time as this leads to alcohol use disorder (AUD). Over 5.7 million women in 2012 have this disorder according to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. In a 2003 report conducted by the Health and Human Services’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, over 288,000 women in Louisiana have alcohol dependence and abuse.

Alcohol dependency can lead to women experiencing post-partum depression and domestic violence. Women who drink alcohol while pregnant are more likely to have a baby that is preterm. The baby may also be born with behavioral disorders and birth defects. In addition, women are more likely to have health problems than men when drinking large quantities of alcohol.

Treatment Is Available For Louisiana Women Suffering From Alcohol Dependency

There are treatment facilities out there that provide specialized programs for women. These women-only programs create a positive and supportive environment for women so that you will feel more encouraged to complete the entire therapy and rehab session.

In addition, certain clinics and facilities allow for women who are pregnant and women with children to receive treatment while getting childcare and well-care services. Women can have the peace of mind that their children will be safe and happy while their mothers are seeking rehab treatment. Each facility will have its own specialized services for women, so you will have to contact them for a full program list.

Women-Only Louisiana Treatment Facilities

We have gathered a list of treatment facilities located throughout the state of Louisiana that can assist women at every stage of their alcohol dependency. These facilities cater to women by offering specialized programs and services that can allow you to complete the program fully and return to a happy and healthy life free of alcohol.

Jonesville Addictive Disorders Clinic

The Jonesville Addictive Disorders Clinic located at 308 Nasif Street in Jonesville, LA offers specialized services for women, women who are pregnant and recent mothers. This treatment facility offers outpatient treatment for alcohol abuse so you may continue to work and raise a family. The center takes women of all ages as well as women who may have gone through domestic violence or have been court-ordered to receive treatment.

Keystone Recovery LLC

The Keystone Recovery LLC alcohol treatment center provides outpatient services, hospital inpatient services, short-term residential programs, long-term residential programs and detoxification therapy for women, pregnant women, and post-partum women suffering from alcohol dependency and mental health issues. Located at 808 Pitt Road in Scott, LA, the center places women on the road to recovery from the effects of alcohol. The Keystone Recover LLC also has programs for Spanish speakers.

Crowley Behavioral Health Clinic

Located at 1822 West Crowley Street in Crowley, Louisiana , the Crowley Behavioral Health clinic specializes in women-only treatment for women, recent mothers, and women who are pregnant. Serving young adults and adults, their alcohol recovery treatment programs feature regular outpatient treatment to accommodate working individuals. The clinic also provides a mixture of mental and substance abuse therapies to get you on the road to better health that is free of dependency.

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You don't have to live with alcohol dependency. If you cannot find a nearby treatment facility in your area, contact AlcoholTreament.net.You don’t have to live with alcohol dependency. If you cannot find a nearby treatment facility in your area, contact AlcoholTreament.net. We can assist you in finding the facility that has the substance abuse and alcohol treatment programs specific for your individual needs.

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