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Kentucky Women Only Alcohol TreatmentAlcohol abuse can have a very serious effect on the lives of any individual, but women are particularly susceptible. The website HelpGuide.Org, a non-profit organization, indicates that women tend to develop a wide variety of different alcohol related diseases thanks to the fact that they statistically begin drinking much sooner in life than men. Research has also indicated that women begin drinking smaller amounts of alcohol than men, which goes a long way towards cementing the problem at hand before gradually increasing consumption over time.

Alcohol Risks for Women

Statistically speaking, women are much more likely to use and abuse alcohol for the purposes of self-medication. Specifically issues like depression, stress, anxiety and other emotional disorders can greatly contribute to alcohol abuse in the female gender.

The health consequences of women who abuse alcohol are many. Women are at an increased risk of liver disease, for example, and are much more likely to suffer the devastating effects of brain damage. Women are also at a greatly heightened risk for premature menopause, infertility, miscarriages, high blood pressure and more.

Gender Specific Alcohol Rehabilitation

There is no “one size fits all” approach to alcohol rehabilitation, which is why women only facilities are so important. Because alcohol affects men and women in different ways, it stands to reason that treatment should be geared towards the specific issues that women face for maximum efficiency. Women only treatment focuses on the core issues why women are abusing alcohol in the first place. These gender specific treatment facilities are also important because women are statistically less likely to enter a program in the first place when compared to men according to

Kentucky Statistics

Alcohol abuse is a very serious issue for residents of Kentucky in particular. According to statistics released by, there were 1469 instances of alcohol abuse among those aged 12 and older in the last month alone. Binge alcohol use in the state was estimated at 754 separate instances. Those with the perception of great risk of drinking five or more drinks in a single sitting one or two times a week was at 1454 separate instances. These statistics point to a very real concern among women in particular for the devastating effects of alcohol abuse. Luckily, alcohol dependency is a fight that you do not have to engage in on your own.

Treatment Options

Almost every major city in the state of Kentucky has at least one treatment or recovery center that either caters exclusively to women or has gender specific treatment programs. Ashland, Bellevue, Columbia, Elizabethtown, Franklin, Hayden, Jackson and Lexington are just a few of the many examples of areas where these facilities are abundant.

In Inez, for example, the Mountain Comprehensive Care Center at Martin County Clinic specializes in a mix of mental health and substance abuse services for women. The Kentucky River Community Care Breathitt Outpatient Clinic in Jackson also provides the same types of services. The Cumberland River Comp Care Center Independence House is one of two such facilities in Corbin, Kentucky that specializes in alcohol treatment recovery services for women. The facility features a women only inpatient alcohol treatment center that offers both residential and live-in services, as well as extended stay alcohol treatment facilities that can involve program lengths of anywhere between three and six months.

Jackson Behavioral Health Professionals, also located in Corbin, specializes in both inpatient and outpatient services that are designed for women only. The center provides comprehensive women only alcohol treatment and recovery services in both inpatient and outpatient capacities. In Taylorsville, women can choose to visit the Seven Counties Services Spencer location for all of their private alcohol treatment and recovery service needs.

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