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Indiana Women Only Alcohol TreatmentAlcohol abuse and addiction is a serious problem in all states, including Indiana. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, approximately 377,000 people in the state of Indiana were abusing or addicted to alcohol in 2007. Below is some information to help Indiana women addicted to alcohol to learn more about their condition and find an appropriate treatment program.

Effects of Alcohol Dependence on Women

Alcohol dependence is dangerous and unhealthy for anyone. However, this condition has unique implications for women. Alcohol has been shown to cause a number of birth defects, so women who become pregnant while abusing alcohol put their unborn children at risk. Women who abuse alcohol during and after pregnancy may also be more likely to suffer from post-partum depression. Likewise, alcohol raises the risk of certain health complications for women, including heart disease, breast cancer and liver damage.

Benefits of Women-Only Treatment

Many women begin abusing alcohol because they experienced a traumatic event, such as sexual or physical abuse. Women-only alcohol treatment can help women to address these issues within a safe, comfortable environment. Because these traumas were often caused by men, the absence of men in treatment can be especially beneficial to trauma victims. Furthermore, removing the opposite sex from treatment can also eliminate distractions that may compromise the program’s effectiveness.

Women-only treatment program are often comprised of a combination of counseling, group therapy and addiction education. In order to help women discover the root cause behind their addictions, psychological therapies are often employed as well.

Women-Only Treatment Programs in Indiana

Indiana is home to number of treatment programs designed to help individuals who suffer from an addiction to alcohol. Below are some of the women-only treatment programs available in Indiana.

Life Recovery Center

Life Recovery Center is a rehabilitation facility located in Indianapolis, Indiana. This facility offers a rehabilitation program that caters specifically to women. The goal of this program is to integrate spiritual, physical and psychological healing methods in order to help women overcome their addiction and any traumas that precipitated it.

Hope House, Inc.

The Hope House is a treatment center in Fort Wayne, Indiana that specializes in the treatment of women who are suffering from addictions to alcohol and other dangerous substances. Services available at this center include employment training, client advocacy, case management, program after-care, group therapy and individual counseling.


Located in Richmond, Centerstone provides a range of services for both women and men who are addicted to alcohol or another controlled substance. Centerstone also offers other behavioral health services to complement addiction treatment. Discounts are available to patients who are unable to pay full price for treatment.

Recovery Priority, LLC

Also located in Richmond, Recovery Priority, LLC is an addiction treatment center that provides holistic treatment services to both adolescents and adults of both genders. Services available at this facility include individual therapy, trauma resolution, substance abuse counseling, addiction education and much more.

Finding a Treatment Program

Contact today to get started down the road to recovery.If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction or abuse, help is available. can help you find a facility in the area of your choice that caters to treating alcohol addiction in women. Contact today to get started down the road to recovery.

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