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Illinois Women Only Alcohol TreatmentGender specific recovery programs for alcohol recovery and treatment are hugely important for a wide variety of different reasons. For starters, women face a large number of different risks when it comes to an increased level of alcohol consumption that men do not. Women who actively engage in drinking, especially binge drinking, have an increased risk of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome if those drinks are consumed while pregnant. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in particular can have a variety of devastating effects on the child when it is eventually born, ranging from mental retardation to birth defects and other things that that nature.

Alcohol Risks for Women

It’s important to note that Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders are entirely preventable, so long as the woman in question does not drink during her pregnancy. A variety of studies cited by the Center for Disease Control also indicate that as many as one in 20 pregnant women also drank significantly on a regular basis before finding out that they were pregnant, which is another one of the many reasons why treatment programs should be sought out as quickly as possible.

Alcohol Abuse in Illinois

Alcohol abuse is a very real concern among women, especially those living in and around the state of Illinois. According to statistics available on, the past year dependence, abuse and treatment for alcohol in Illinois was at 947 thousand instances. The numbers for those who need but are not receiving treatment for alcohol use are just as staggering – 759 thousand cases were reported in the last year alone. These numbers represent a growing concern, particularly among the female population, that need to be specifically addressed by those living in and around these areas.

Research has long indicated that a woman’s genetic makeup will directly affect how quickly she feels the effects of alcohol. Depending on a number of conditions like height, weight, age and more, some women just feel alcohol more quickly than others. Missing work, ignoring child care responsibilities, drinking in situations that are dangerous and continuing to drink even though a person has been experiencing negative effects at both work and at home are all signs that a woman may have drinking issues. In these situations, it is important to seek professional help quickly.

Illinois Treatment Options for Women

Illinois is home to a large variety of different treatment programs that are gender specific and offer services directly to women. Addison, Aurora, Anna, Belleville, Bolingbrook, Carbondale and Caseyville are just a few examples of the areas in Illinois where these treatment programs are present.

The ABRAXAS Youth and Family Services Southwood Interventions Center in Chicago is one of those facilities. The Center specializes in alcohol treatment recovery services designed specifically for women and offers treatment in both live inpatient and outpatient capacities. Another Center in the Chicago area is the Gateway Foundation Alcohol and Drug Treatment Chicago West Center, which specializes in women only long term and extended stay treatments. An extended stay treatment would be considered anything between three and six months in length.

Options also exist outside of Chicago. The Gateway Foundation Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center in Caseyville is one such option that specializes in women only inpatient services in both residential and live in capacities. Extended stay alcohol treatment programs are also available at the center.

Finally, the Gateway Foundation Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center in Carbondale offers a wide variety of alcohol treatment recovery services designed specifically for women. In addition to halfway houses, reintegration programs and other sober living facilities, the Center also offers inpatient and long term alcohol rehab centers designed expressly for women.

Alcohol Treatment Information

To find out more information about centers in your area and the specific types of services that they offer, you can view more information on you’re a woman who thinks that alcohol treatment and rehabilitation facilities might be for you, it’s important to understand that this is not a road that you have to travel alone. To find out more information about centers in your area and the specific types of services that they offer, you can contact us at

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