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Idaho Women Only Alcohol TreatmentAlcohol dependence is a serious problem that can have devastating effects on women living throughout Idaho. Over 92,000 people in Idaho have alcohol dependence or abuse, yet 89,000 individuals are not getting the treatment they need, according to a 2003 study conducted by the Health and Human Services’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Alcohol dependency can cause serious emotional, physical and mental issues. It can lead to domestic violence against partners and children as you lash out in anger at the world. It can also cause post-partum depression as you may feel like giving up on life. Women who are pregnant and consume alcohol are at a greater risk of having a preterm birth as the baby could have birth defects and behavioral disorders. In fact, studies conducted in 2006 have shown that pregnant women between the ages of 15 to 44 consume an average of 2.4 drinks per day for a month.

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Alcohol recovery treatment centers are designed to address alcohol addiction in women of all ages. Women-only treatment centers focuses specifically on issues that women face as the supportive environment encourages women to stay throughout the entire program. Specialized services may include prenatal care, well baby care, childcare services, and transportation to the recovery facility.

By creating these gender-specific services, women feel welcomed in a beneficial environment that promotes success. Women can lessen the stress of getting quality care while pregnant, quality child care so they can complete the program, and transportation to reach the treatment center located in the state of Idaho. So if you are looking to end your dependency on alcohol, the first step to take is to get treatment.

Idaho Women-Only Recovery Treatment Centers

There are almost 40 recovery treatment centers throughout Idaho that offer women-only treatment programs focusing on alcohol dependency, substance abuse, mental health issues and other treatments. The centers may offer sober live-in facilities, halfway houses and outpatient treatment services as the patient can select the services that benefits their unique lifestyle. Several treatment centers that may be close to your location:

Raise the Bottom Training and Counseling Services

Located in Boise, this treatment facility offers women-only alcohol treatment care, therapy and rehab services. They provide halfway houses for women who may need to get away from their present living situation as well as reintegration programs so women can smoothly transition back into a healthy lifestyle and work environment. Raise the Bottom Training and Counseling Services also provides inpatient detox facilities so women can deal with the alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Bell Chem Dependency Counseling Inc Linden House

The Bell Chem Dependency Counseling Inc Linden House is located in the city of Caldwell as the center provides women-only alcohol treatment recovery and rehab programs. The center also focuses on mental health and substance abuse issues that have been caused by a dependency of alcohol. The center offers 3-6 month extended stay programs to assist women receiving alcohol treatment.

Alliance Family Services Inc

For women suffering from alcohol dependency in Coeur d Alene, the Alliance Family Services Inc provides treatment and rehab services. Women can get enrolled into the sober living program as they live in halfway houses and take advantage of the reintegration services. The center provides a mixture of mental health and substance abuse therapies so women can get their lives in control free of alcohol.

Mental Wellness Centers

Idaho Falls has the Mental Wellness Centers that offer alcohol treatment and therapy to women-only. Targeting alcohol dependency, mental health issues and substance abuse problems, the centers help women get back on their feet and have better lives.

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