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Colorado Women Only Alcohol TreatmentAlcohol Use Among Colorado Women

Colorado may be known more for legalized marijuana than for alcohol, but alcohol dependence is a significant problem in this state — and many of the sufferers are women. The Centers for Disease Control notes that 56.3 percent of Colorado women use alcohol, with 19.7 percent indulging in binge drinking (more than four drinks at a time) within a given 30-day period. Approximately 146,000 female Coloradans aged 12 or older require treatment for alcohol dependence; a further 329,000 need treatment but do not receive it.

Health and Family Problems

Women who depend on alcohol may not realize that they drink to excess, especially if they evaluate their drinking by male standards. Men’s bodies tend to resist the effects of alcohol more efficiently than women’s bodies, partly because of the greater height and weight and partly because male bodies contain more water to absorb and distribute the alcohol. Women should generally consume no more than one drink per day if they want to preserve their health. Excessive or binge drinking can cause serious damage to a woman’s liver, brain, heart and other organs. Women who drink also have a heightened risk for breast cancer.

Alcohol dependence is associated with domestic violence. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, women who suffer from dependence on alcohol face a greater risk of becoming victims of domestic violence. This may stem in part from altercations initiated under the influence of alcohol and fueled by a spouse’s subsequent loss of inhibition. Alcohol dependence may also render women less capable of safeguarding their children from the threat of domestic violence.

The Special Advantages of Women-only Treatment Programs

Women-only treatment programs are uniquely able to address, not just alcohol dependence, but the grievous mental and emotional side effects and complications that so often afflict women struggling with this issue. Sensitive issues related to self-esteem or incidents of domestic violence are often dealt with more openly and honestly in group therapy sessions composed entirely of women. Women also have to work through specific problems associated with being a mother or homemaker, including the pressures of staying at home with the kids, depression over leaving the job market, and the emotional and logistical strains of balancing a full-time job with being a wife and mother. Women-only programs reinforce the feeling of being among others who completely understand what you’re going through and who have the specific expertise to help you.

Women-only Options in Colorado

Coloradans seeking a women-only treatment program will find a number of facilities available to them. Denver leads the state in the number of women-only programs at 26. The menu of services may vary slightly from program to program. For example, the Denver Behavioral Health Center Downtown offers both recovery and detox, including hospital care if needed, while the Behavior Services Institute CCESJ (also in Denver) offers a mix of mental health services and recovery treatment. If you cannot leave your everyday responsibilities long enough for an extended inpatient stay, you might consider an option such as Genesis Outpatient Programs in Colorado City. If you require help with PTSD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, or similar issues associated with alcohol dependence, Mental Health Partners in Boulder specializes in treating these problems concurrently.

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