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California Women Only Alcohol TreatmentAlcohol doesn’t discriminate. Alcohol dependence affects both sexes, all levels of social class and all ethnicities. And despite alcohol addiction perceived in society as a problem that’s more experienced by men than by women, women are just as likely to develop a problem that involves alcohol dependence. And just like men, if women don’t recognize that they have a problem and seek the proper treatment, the issue will only snowball, only strengthening that dependence and leading to more severe health and lifestyle consequences along the way. For those who recognize that there’s a problem, however, there is help out there that is specific to women. California, in fact, has many alcohol treatment centers that only treat women.

Perils of Alcohol Use on Women

In 2007, over 1,100 people in the state of California reported that they were dependent on alcohol, many of whom were women. So just why do women turn to alcohol? For many, genetics may play a factor, as if there is a noted family history of alcohol abuse, family members are said to be up to four times more likely to become an alcoholic themselves. There are a bevy of other reasons as to why a woman may turn to alcohol. Stress and anxiety are major factors, as alcohol becomes a coping mechanism if overwhelming feelings start to set in. Other factors that may lead to alcohol dependence include a history of sexual or domestic abuse, as alcohol may serve as a means of dealing with the anger and bitterness from such feelings. Depression is another big factor, as some women may see alcohol as a way to make themselves feel better.

Regardless of the cause pertaining to alcohol dependence, it’s a fact that women are more vulnerable than men to its side effects, meaning prolonged alcoholism can also possibly more quickly lead to liver disease, brain damage and even breast cancer. That’s why it’s so crucial for women to seek treatment when the realize they have a problem.

Treatment Options for Women

One prohibiting factor for women seeking treatment for alcohol addiction is that they have difficulty gaining access to the right treatment. That’s why women-specific alcohol treatment centers are so important for women looking to break free of their dependence and get healthy. Because women are led into drinking largely due to different reasons than men are, it’s also helpful for them to seek treatment at a rehabilitation facility that’s equipped to get to the root of their alcoholism and help them break their addiction on the substance.

Another big reason that women are often reluctant to seek treatment is due to the social stigma of a woman being labeled as an “alcoholic.” However, in a women-only rehab facility, it’s a more comfortable environment to get healthy. That’s because not only is the treatment geared specifically toward women, but patients can rely on and confide in other women who may have experienced similar issues that led them to drinking in the first place. That can go a long way toward healing.

California Alcohol Treatment Centers for Women

There are several women-only alcohol treatment centers in California. The New Bridge Foundation Inc. Bridge 2 in Berkley specializes in substance abuse treatment. The treatment facility offers residential stays and also offers after-addiction ongoing treatment for women. Another facility is the Bakersfield Recovery Services Capistrano Community for Women, which offers residential short- and long-term treatment, pregnant and post-partum treatment and accommodations for children. In Costa Mesa, there’s New Directions for Women, a treatment facility that offers both outpatient counseling and short- and long-term residential treatment. Child accommodations and pregnant and post-partum addiction treatment are also a focus at New Directions for Women.

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For more information about alcohol treatment centers for women in California, contact today. For more information about alcohol treatment centers for women in California, contact today. We’ll work with you to get you the treatment you need to live a healthy, alcohol-free life.

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