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Arkansas Women Only Alcohol TreatmentThough alcohol abuse and dependence is a very serious situation among all types of people, it is particularly concerning when it comes to women. Excessive drinking may result in a wide variety of health concerns for women, example, one of which is an increased risk of sexual assault. According to the Center for Disease Control, binge drinking is one of the biggest risk factors regarding women and sexual assault. This is especially true for younger women and those who are in college and other academic environments. The CDC estimates that one in 20 women is sexually assaulted each year as a direct result of drinking issues.

Health Concerns for Women

Other health concerns that women in particular are susceptible to with regards to drinking include many negative effects on the brain. These can include but are not limited to a significant shrinkage of the brain, memory loss and more. Research has long indicated that women in particular are very susceptible to these particular effects of alcohol use, especially when compared to men. Though men can experience brain shrinkage, for example, it happens over a much longer period of time when compared to women.

Arkansas Dependency Information

Alcohol abuse among women is a particularly serious issue in the state of Arkansas. It is estimated that in the last year alone, alcohol dependence or abuse issues affected as many as 8180 people across the state. Those who needed but were not actively receiving treatment for this type of abuse numbered almost as high at 7800 people. These are women that should be actively involved in some type of treatment program but are not, be it out of a fear of repercussions or a general reluctance to ask for help or something else entirely.

It’s important for women in Arkansas to know, however, that this is not an issue that they have to face on their own. Studies have shown that women have a much higher chance of successfully recovering from the effects of alcohol abuse if they enter a designated treatment facility for professional help in their area.

Arkansas Treatment Options

Arkansas is home to a wide variety of these types of programs in areas like Hot Springs, Marianna, Pine Bluff, West Helena and more. One of these facilities is the Quapaw House in Hot Springs. It specializes in alcohol treatment recovery services designed for women and offers sober living for alcohol recovery, inpatient alcohol treatment, long term rehab centers and more. Sober living options include halfway houses that provide a safe environment for women, reintegration programs and more.

Another example of a treatment facility would be the Health Resources of Arkansas Center, located in Marianna. The Health Resources of Arkansas Center provides sober living for alcoholism recovery by way of reintegration programs, halfway houses and other resources that are designed to create a safe, nurturing environment for women while they undergo treatment.

The Sobriety Living Center in Pine Bluff is another viable option for women living in the Arkansas area. It specializes in women only long term rehabilitation centers for alcohol abuse. It offers extended stay alcohol treatment facilities. An extended stay program would be one that varies in length between three and six months depending on the issue at hand.

Alcohol Treatment Resources exists as a guide to help women through this difficult period on their lives so that they don't have to go through these types of situations alone.If you feel like you’re in need of an alcohol abuse or dependency treatment program and just don’t know where to begin looking, it is imperative that you contact today. is an excellent resource that is designed to educate women in particular on the potentially devastating effects of drinking, what can be done to help correct a problem and more. It is also designed to point women towards specific resources in their area that can be used to help rid them of their alcohol issues once and for all. exists as a guide to help women through this difficult period on their lives so that they don’t have to go through these types of situations alone.

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