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Arizona Women Only Alcohol TreatmentAlcohol abuse can be a concern for any individual, but it is particularly worrisome when it impacts the lives of women due to the possibility of health concerns to children and infants. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration explains that almost 52 percent of state residents admit to drinking alcohol and roughly 23 percent admit to binge drinking. The risk to children is a particular concern because the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration suggests that roughly 11.8 percent of expectant mothers drink alcohol while they are pregnant. Understanding the unique needs of a woman can make it easier to help a loved one seek appropriate treatment for her recovery goals.

Factors Contributing to Alcohol Abuse

When women abuse alcohol, they do not always have the same causes and reasons as men. The Wall Street Journal reports that many women who abuse alcohol have been abused at some point in their life and may have a history of eating disorders. Women who have not faced abusive situations may feel feminine and attractive after drinking alcohol, says the Wall Street Journal, which further contributes to the risk of developing a dependence.

An addiction to alcohol is a complicated problem that develops due to a variety of factors. The reasons that women drink may include:

  • Abuse as a child
  • Abuse as an adult, particularly in the case of domestic violence
  • Other types of trauma
  • Mental health disorders
  • Post-partum depression
  • Experimentation and developing a tolerance over time

The reasons that women choose to drink alcohol can vary; however, the treatment approaches that can help women recover can focus on gender-specific concerns. By seeking treatment from a facility that focuses on the needs of women, it may be possible to encourage a loved one to recover and obtain the appropriate treatment for her needs and goals.

Treatment Facilities for Women

Due to the specific challenges that can impact the lives of women who are abusing alcohol, the treatment programs that offer gender-specific treatments can help.

Women in New Recovery is a treatment program that focuses on the unique needs of women in Arizona. The treatment program evaluates the needs of women who are entering the treatment facility and creates a plan that is specifically designed to address trauma, gender-specific health concerns and any factors that are unique to the needs of women. It also offers sober-living houses, transitional facilities and continuing care for several months to help women recover for a lifetime. The facility believes that women have a better chance of recovering when the program offers safe and gender-specific treatment options.

Arizona offers another treatment program that is specific for women with the Teen Challenge Home of Hope. Although the program is designed for the needs of women, it allows women with children who are seven years old or younger to stay in the house as well. As a Christian-based treatment program, the facility offers counseling and an environment that is safe. Although the Teen Challenge program offers options for several age groups, the Home of Hope only accepts women and focuses on treating the unique concerns that may contribute to a woman’s use of alcohol.

Although The Meadows is not a gender-specific treatment program, it offers treatment for a variety of factors that may impact the lives of women. As a program that offers trauma treatment and treatments for co-occurring disorders, it can help women who are abusing alcohol as a direct result of a traumatic experience or abuse at any time during her lifetime.

Recovering From Alcohol Abuse

To learn more about treatment programs in Arizona, contact alcohol addiction can be challenging when women are not treated in a gender-specific program because there may be factors that contribute to the addiction that men may not understand. Fortunately, the state of Arizona does offer programs that are specifically designed to address the needs and concerns of women. To learn more about treatment programs in Arizona, contact

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