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The unique situations faced by women who abuse alcohol make it beneficial for them to obtain treatment at a women-only alcohol treatment recovery center. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, women’s bodies have different reactions to alcohol than that of their male counterparts. Additionally, women have different drinking patterns, resulting in different health risks and consequences. The unique biological differences between men and women lead to many risks. If you or a woman you care about is dealing with alcohol addiction, a recovery center for women only can provide the treatment and healing that’s needed.

Higher Risks Faced by Women Who Abuse Alcohol

Studies indicate that women begin to experience alcohol-related problems at lower rates of drinking than men. The fact that women have less body weight than men plays a key role in this situation. Once alcohol enters the body’s system, it resides in body water – something that men have higher levels of than women. As a result, when men and women drink the same amount, women will have a higher blood alcohol concentration. Additionally, hormones contribute toward the differences in how alcohol affects women.

Women and Alcohol Statistics

More than 60 percent of women aged 18 and older have had a drink in the past year. Nearly 15 percent of women drinkers have imbibed to excess at least once each month, consuming more than five drinks at one occasion. A survey conducted in 2009 revealed that 47 percent of girls and women aged 12 years and older were regular drinkers.

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Treatment in a Women-Only Recovery Center

Alcohol treatment recovery centers for women only are able to focus exclusively on treating women facing alcohol addiction. The unique medical needs, including pregnancy and hormonal issues, are factored in to a woman’s treatment plan. In addition to detoxing and addressing issues that led to alcohol abuse, you or a woman you care about will also benefit from gaining life skills that contribute toward sobriety and self-sufficiency.

Benefits of Seeking Treatment

Many advantages can be gained through treatment at a women-only recovery center. As you regain your health in sobriety, you reduce your risk of breast cancer and other forms of cancer, as well as brain damage, cirrhosis of the liver, osteoporosis, premature menopause, miscarriage and infertility problems. These unique risks faced by women do not have to impact your life if you receive treatment. Likewise, your children, partner and financial security can benefit from the treatment you receive for alcohol addiction.

Treatment Program Costs

The cost of entering a women-only alcohol treatment recovery program can vary depending on the program, the location and the extra amenities offered. Most health insurance policies offer some coverage for substance abuse treatment. Likewise, there are also centers that allow you to pay on a sliding scale that factors your income. Speak with a professional to help you find a women-only program that fits your specific needs, including financial needs.

Recovery in a Program That Suits Your Needs

An alcohol treatment recovery program that suits your specific needs as a woman struggling with addiction can help you regain health and learn to live a sober life. Studies reviewed in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence find that women are equally successful as men at overcoming alcoholism but often find it difficult to obtain treatment. Whether this is from fear of being stigmatized or socio-economic concerns, treatment in a women-only recovery center can provide you or a loved one with understanding and assistance tailored to the unique situations faced by women. To find a women-only alcohol treatment recovery center, contact AlcoholTreatment.Net today.

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