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Wisconsin Alcohol Recovery CentersWisconsin, Home of Cheese and Beer

Any football fan can tell you that Wisconsin is known for the cheese, or at least the cheese heads. In the Midwest, many areas of Wisconsin are favored family vacation and camping areas. The state has fantastic natural features that lend themselves to a bevy of fun outdoor recreational activities – camping, boating, fishing, hiking, and riding snowmobiles during the long winters. Of course, Wisconsin is also known for its dairy.

The people of Wisconsin tend to be hard-working and love the outdoors. Hunting and fishing are favored pastimes. Another favorite activity is drinking. Wisconsin has long held the highest rate of alcohol consumption and binge drinking among adults in the country. While there have been some inroads to bring youth drinking rates down, on the whole, the state has a long history of heavy alcohol use.

Wisconsin Treatment Centers Offer Hope

We know that alcohol abuse can be a lifelong illness and that there are a number of factors to consider. One key factor in determining someone’s propensity for addiction is to look at their parents and relatives. A child that has alcoholic parents is far more likely to become one. Whether that’s a learned behavior or a genetic predisposition remains unclear, but the fact remains, an area where the adult alcohol rates are this high lends itself to an endless cycle of alcohol abuse.

Each addiction is different and there are a variety of programs you can find in Wisconsin to aid in your recovery. Transformation Services, Inc. of Milwaukee caters primarily to minority patients, believing that substance and alcohol abuse affects a greater number of urban lower economic citizens. Their treatment is centered on building a base for the unemployed and underemployed to regain employment while maintaining sobriety.

Hope Haven in Madison is a Catholic Charities facility dedicated to returning patients to their lives and families minus the substance abuse. They have a residential treatment program which utilizes the 12 steps, a faith based regimen of the Catholic persuasion, and they offer counseling both for the patient and their support system. Their goal is to help patients fully commit to recovery and regain employment once they’re successfully through the program.

Contact us today for free guidance in finding the best program to suit your needsThe Epic Adolescent Program in Appleton is a residential treatment program specializing in adolescent needs. They offer family counseling, group counseling, and individual counseling.

The road to recovery is understandably easier with the right support system. Contact us today for free guidance in finding the best program to suit your needs.

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