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West Virginia Alcohol Recovery CentersThe Mountain State Tackles Youth Drinking

West Virginia is one of the smallest states in the US (41st largest and 38th most populous) but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in history. One of our nation’s oldest settled areas, West Virginia is known best for its mountains, logging, and coal mining. For the nature lover, the area is ripe with adventurous pastimes, such as exploring caves, whitewater rafting, fishing, hiking, and camping.

The people of West Virginia are known to be rustic and hard working. But the youth in the area are known to drink at a young age. According to the Office of Adolescent Health, 34% of high school students admitted to having at least one drink in a 30 day period, while 20% admitted to binge drinking during that time frame. Seven percent of those polled admitted to driving after drinking and a whopping 19% admitted to getting into a car with a driver who had been drinking. While these statistics are on par with the national average, they’re still in need of repair. Youth drinking not only leads to an increase in fatal and non-fatal vehicle fatalities, but it’s quite clear that drinking under age also elevates the possibility of future addiction issues.

West Virginia’s Alcohol Treatment Facilities

Many treatment modalities are available to help those who are battling alcohol addiction. While some work excellently for many patients, every person and every illness is a bit different. West Virginia has a number of facilities to aid in permanent recovery.

The Charleston Treatment Center in Charleston offers a residential treatment program for those who find the early stages of treatment easier when in a completely sober environment. Their services include individual therapy, group therapy, and family counseling to help the patient and their family cope with issues stemming from alcohol abuse and issues contributing to the addiction.

Valley Health Care System in Morgantown offers residential as well as outpatient treatment for adolescents and adults. Their care includes adolescent services for children of alcoholics as well as adolescents with alcohol addiction. They also offer experiential treatment, such as hiking, camping, and outdoor team-building activities.

If you’re looking for the perfect treatment program in West Virginia, contact us for free guidanceMed-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home in Parkersburg offers a transitional living facility. Their mission is to provide sober living facilities for those wishing to stay sober, whether the patient is using the treatment as a step down from residential treatment before re-entering their day to day life, or are already recovering addicts who feel the need to recharge to stay sober, or have self-diagnosed their issue and have been sober for a period of days before self-referring. This treatment is meant for those who have already begun their road to recovery and need the extra time in an environment with less temptation than their home life.

If you’re looking for the perfect treatment program in West Virginia, contact us for free guidance.

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