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Washington Alcohol Recovery CentersThe Evergreen State and Binge Drinking

The state of Washington is known for its amazing landscapes, arts, and music. The largest city is Seattle, a city known for culture and art in all its forms. Washington is far more than its most well-known city; it’s one of the larger states in area and is the 13th most populous state in America.

While the state of Washington doesn’t rank the highest in most statistics on alcohol abuse, it does have a 17.8% of citizens who self-report binge drinking, according to the CDC. While binge drinking might be thought less detrimental than chronic alcohol abuse, the truth is that it’s far more dangerous in the short and long term. Binge drinkers who start earlier than the age of 15 are between 5 and 7 times more likely to develop a lifelong problem with alcohol. Added to these statistics, binge drinking causes most cases of alcohol poisoning and contributes to many instances of violence and alcohol related traffic accidents.

Washington Battles Addictions with a Variety of Facilities

A number of different protocols are available for treatment and while some work exceptionally well for one person, another might work better for others. In many cases, patients are helped most effectively in a residential program where the temptations from regular life are no longer available, at least in those first crucial months while the physical cravings work their way out of the system. Others might do better with weekly meetings, taking on the task of changing their day-to-day life right from the start. The key is in finding a treatment program that works for the patient, and a place that they can comfortably build trust to adequately deal with a very private issue.

Washington is home to a wide variety of programs. Schick Shadel in Seattle offers a professional, comfortable environment through the detox period. They specialize in alternative approaches, are LGBT friendly, and map your recovery to recondition your responses to a hectic life once you leave the facility. They offer private rooms, a sober living home, and outpatient treatment.

Al’ta Counseling in Spokane is licensed by the state to administer drug and alcohol testing. Their counseling model is based on individual need – they meet with the patient one on one to get to know their habits and patterns prior to recommending a treatment regimen. They work with highly accepted treatment practices, such as the 12 step method and various Native American influences. Al’ta also provides intervention services for families who wish to encourage a loved one to seek help with their disease.

If you’re interested in finding the right facility for your needs, contact us for free guidance in your searchBarth and Associates in Yakima offers a variety of programs for every type of alcohol problem. They offer assessments to determine the patient’s needs and develop a plan of treatment on an individual basis. Some of their services include intervention, detoxification, intensive outpatient treatment, weekly outpatient meetings, and monthly assessments. Barth professionals believe that drug and alcohol addiction are treatable diseases which can be overcome with personalized care and effort.

If you’re interested in finding the right facility for your needs, contact us for free guidance in your search.

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