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Virginia Alcohol Recovery CentersVirginia Boasts Historical Excellence, but No Shortage of Alcohol

Virginia, known as the “Old Dominion State”, has a rich history, boasting the birthplace of more US Presidents than any other place. As one of the founding colonies, this area is ripe with American history and home to some of the most beautiful and varied landscapes—from the Appalachian Mountains to Virginia Beach. A tourist might see buildings designed by Thomas Jefferson or the seat of our nation’s defense.

While Virginia is the 35th largest in area, it’s the 12th most populous in the nation. Virginia also ranked 24th highest in alcohol consumption among adolescents. While that might not sound like a high ranking, what it equates to is over 59% of those in 12th grade or under admitting to having at least one drink, and a whopping 21% admitting to binge drinking within a one-month period of time. While there are certainly areas that offer scarier statistics, the evidence clearly suggests that a number of people are adversely affected by alcohol abuse in the state.

Finding Proper Alcohol Treatment in Virginia

Treatment programs can be vastly different. For some, a program that offers residential treatment to learn the building blocks of sobriety without the daily influences in the regular world might be the best solution. For others, outpatient group therapy which allows the patient to continue their daily life works best. Virginia has a wide variety of programs to fit your needs.

Recovery for Life in Virginia Beach uses a small group dynamic to help people overcome their addictions. Their program is faith based and includes weekly meetings. They also specialize in helping those released from prison to combat their addictions and avoid relapse from the stress of re-entering society.

Birchwood Mall Associates, also in Virginia Beach, offers a residential treatment facility. They offer group and individual therapy as well as a family program to aid the patient’s family in overcoming the trauma of living with an addict and help the whole family unit to build a healthier relationship for continued success.

Contact us for free guidance in choosing the right facility for your needsBethany Hall in Roanoke is a treatment facility specifically for women suffering from addiction. Bethany Hall offers a residential treatment program specifically tailored to the life and environmental factors that contribute to addictive behavior for women. By building a completely safe environment of nurturing and female camaraderie, Bethany Hall seeks to empower women not only to beat their addiction but to return to their lives able to help themselves and the community at large.

Contact us for free guidance in choosing the right facility for your needs.

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