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Virgin Islands Alcohol Treatment Recovery CentersThe Virgin Islands Offer a Tropical Paradise and an Abundance of Alcohol

When you think of the Virgin Islands, you’re probably considering days spent on white beaches and beautiful tropical breezes. The US Virgin Islands are known for their scenic beauty. After all, the chief economic activity is centered around tourism – most of the population works in the hospitality field catering to the many vacationers and cruise ship tourists that visit yearly.

With all the sun and fun available, it’s probably not surprising that alcohol consumption on the Islands is a bit on the high side. A whopping 51% of the population are casual drinkers, according to the CDC. While drinking on occasion isn’t necessarily an issue, a segment of the population will succumb to alcohol abuse issues over the course of time. Today, 13.6% of the population admits to binge drinking.

The Virgin Islands and Centers to Battle Addiction

Every alcoholic is different. Whether you are trying to head off a serious alcohol dependency issue or come back from a pattern of abuse that has marked most of your life, you can find a treatment program that’s right for your needs. Each program is a bit different and some forms of treatment will work well for one patient but not be the right fit for another. The best way to select treatment is to ask a lot of questions and find the program that most optimally suits your issues and lifestyle. The bottom line for any patient is that they want to get better. Whatever program helps them achieve the goal of sobriety is the right one for them.

The Virgin Islands are home to a number of treatment facilities that offer services to combat alcohol abuse. The Charles Harwood Hospital Saint Croix Drug Rehabilitation Unit is located in Christiansted. They cater to adolescents, men, and women and have a full range facility, not only dealing with alcohol addiction but other addictions and issues.

The Village Virgin Islands, Inc. is a center that specializes not only in dealing with co-occurring mental and addiction issues. They are also a strong candidate for women, women with post-partum depression, and they have facilities for treating those with AIDS / HIV.

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction, contact us for free guidance in selecting the right facility for your recoveryThe West Care US Virgin Islands program offers a long term residential treatment program for men and women suffering from alcohol dependency and other issues. This treatment facility is located on the island of St. Croix, housed on the grounds of an old sugar plantation.

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction, contact us for free guidance in selecting the right facility for your recovery.

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