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Utah Alcohol Recovery CentersThe Beehive State Battles Alcohol

Utah is a state best known for religion—the Mormon religion, to be exact. The founding and growth of Salt Lake City and surrounding areas was largely due to the move of Brigham Young and followers of the Mormon faith to an area where they could be free of religious persecution. The influence is still so profound on the area that more than 60% of the population subscribes to the Mormon faith and “1847” (the year Young led followers to Salt Lake Valley) can be found on the state flag.

Utah is the 33rd largest state, so the population is much smaller than other areas with a large amount of land that has no inhabitants. Known as a state devoted to industry and hard work, combined with moral value, it does not have as high of an incidence of alcohol and drug abuse as some other areas. That doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist. According to the 2013 CDC reports, 12% of Utah adults and 9.1% of high school students reported binge drinking in a 12 month period. While that is lower than the national average, it’s still high enough to be a problem.

Finding Help in Utah When You Need It

Many different types of treatment programs can help you overcome a problem with alcohol abuse. Someone suffering from alcohol addiction is far more likely to succeed in recovery with a support system. It’s very rare for an individual to succeed in achieving their own sobriety without any treatment program. Utah has a vast array of facilities across the state to suit your individual needs and aid in your recovery.

St Mary’s Home is a residential treatment facility located in Salt Lake City. If you feel that you need a facility where you can stay in a sober environment to start your recovery, this might be a good choice for you. They offer group and individual therapy, as well as family services to aid in rebuilding the relationship with family members affected by your addiction.

Changes Counseling offers a residential treatment program, located in Sandy. Their center works with patients to change behavior and overcome addiction using group and individual counseling as well as family counseling.

If you are seeking treatment in Utah for yourself or a loved one, contact us for free guidance in finding the right program for youAnother possibility is the Cirque Lodge, ensconced in the mountains of Orem. The Cirque Lodge is an exclusive facility that caters to the personalized care of the patient. They offer individual counseling, healing for the whole body, and base their recovery process on the 12 steps.

If you are seeking treatment in Utah for yourself or a loved one, contact us for free guidance in finding the right program for you.

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