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Wyoming 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersAlcohol Use Statistics

Alcohol is a very real concern that does not discriminate based on age, race or even geographic location. In Wyoming, for example, it is estimated that 241,000 people used some type of alcohol during the past 30 days alone. While this does include people who had only a drink with dinner or other social situations, the number also includes 108,000 people who were binge alcohol users. This means that they drank to excess or had five or more drinks during a single sitting. To make matters worse, 15,000 people across the state who were binge alcohol users were between the ages of 12 and 20. This means that a significant portion of these people were not legally old enough to purchase alcohol in a liquor store, grocery store, gas station or similar setting.

12 Step Recovery Programs

12 step recovery programs include many different types of groups, with Alcoholics Anonymous being the most prominent example. These types of programs are designed to provide a rigid set of rules that individuals can follow (which are looked at as spiritual principles by many), allowing them to not only get sober but remain so for years to come. It is estimated that a full half of all people who participate in some type of 12 step program are able to remain sober for at least one year.

Alcohol Treatment Centers

Residents of Wyoming have many different alcohol treatment centers that they can turn to during this difficult period in their lives. One of those is the Big Horn Mountain Recovery Center, located in Sheridan. It offers a mixture of mental health and substance abuse services and primarily specializes in 12 step outpatient alcohol treatment. These services include but are not limited to things like at home alcohol programs, day or partial hospitalization programs, 12 step meetings, alcohol breathalyzer programs, intensive outpatient programs, alcohol sponsors and more.

Another facility in the area is called the Norther Wyoming Mental Health Center for Substance Abuse Services. It specializes in alcohol treatment and recovery services and also includes a wide variety of different 12 step alcohol treatment programs to better meet the specific needs of individuals. This particular facility offers a wide range of different financing options for 12 step treatments in particular. They include but are not limited to things like medical loans, employment assisted financing programs, payment plans, credit applications, employment assistance financing programs, scholarship programs and more. They even offer a sliding fee scale, which will see the total amount of money a person is asked to pay adjusted based on characteristics like their income and current employment status.

A third facility in the area is the Veterans Affairs Medical Center Mental Health Rehabilitation Program, which offers general health services in addition to both 12 step outpatient alcohol treatment and 12 step long term alcohol rehab centers. Long term centers are available for periods ranging from three to six months, depending on the specific needs of the patient.

This facility also offers a wide range of general and individualized health services on top of the 12 step alcohol treatment and recovery services. A few examples of services that would fall into this category include wilderness treatment, smart recovery, group therapy options, CBT therapy and more. Some of these are designed to be supplemental to existing 12 step programs that a patient may be participating in.

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