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Virginia 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersAlcohol abuse is a problem that impacts the lives of men, women and children every year. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, roughly 52 percent of Virginia residents drink alcohol and almost 23 percent binge drink. Since binge drinking can be a sign of a serious problem or can increase the risk of addiction, it is important to find an appropriate treatment program when a loved one is starting to drink heavily. In Virginia, there are 12-step programs that can help with the recovery process and provide the tools to avoid alcohol abuse in the future.

The 12-Step Program

Understanding a 12-step program is an important part of determining if it an appropriate option for personal goals. According to Psych Central, a 12-step program is a plan of action that directly confronts that substance abuse and then works to improve self-awareness about personal behaviors and actions. It also surrenders to a higher power as a source of support, which means that it is a faith-based treatment plan.

The key factor that sets a 12-step program apart is the supportive environment and the focus on helping others reach their goals at the same time an individual is striving to avoid alcohol in his or her life. The program provides a mentor to individuals who are starting out so that they have an understanding and supportive person to help with the challenges that may occur during the first stage of abstinence.

Effective Treatment Programs

Since a 12-step program is a faith-based option, it is most effective when an individual has a strong belief in a higher power and is willing to surrender to that higher power. The program also focuses on self-awareness, which directly identifies the problems that are associated with recovery and finds a realistic solution to avoid cravings.

According to the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, a 12-step program is effective when individuals are active in the meetings and follow the steps. A study has shown that individuals who actively participate in 12-step programs are more likely to remain sober and avoid alcohol abuse after 2 years when compared to others who have not been actively participating in the program. Active participation in a 12-step program offers a supportive environment and the help of others who have already accomplished their initial goals or who are working on recovery and are willing to share their personal experiences.

Virginia Treatment Plans

In Virginia, there are a variety of 12-step programs available to address alcohol abuse and help with the recovery process. There are 12-step programs available in many areas of Virginia that can help.

The Addiction Recovery Systems LLC ARS Pantops Clinic is a 12-step out-patient program in Charlottesville that offers a day program and 12-step meetings to help with recovery. The day program provides the tools and information that are necessary to address complications that can arise. During the 12-step meetings, individuals can focus on following the steps and gaining the assistance or support that is necessary to keep striving toward realistic recovery goals.

When an intensive program is more appropriate for the needs of an individual, the Human Resources Inc Willow Oaks facility in Richmond offers a solution. The program offers residential care for more intensive treatment, which can address mental health complications that may arise during recovery. Since it follows a 12-step approach, the program offers a supportive environment; however, it also provides the skills and training of specialists for more complicated addictions. The program provides long-term care for 3 to 6 months.

The Family Counseling Center for Recovery Southlake is an out-patient treatment program in Richmond that offers a 12-step program and a day treatment that can help with alcohol recovery. Since the program offers out-patient treatments, it can help build up a supportive environment with family counseling, group therapy and 12-step meetings.

Finding Treatment in Virginia can help with the process of finding an appropriate 12-step program in any local area throughout the state so that it is possible to obtain early treatment for alcohol abuse.There are several treatment programs in Virginia that can address alcohol abuse and provide the tools to focus on recovery goals. can help with the process of finding an appropriate 12-step program in any local area throughout the state so that it is possible to obtain early treatment for alcohol abuse.

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