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Texas 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersEncouraging a loved one to recover from alcohol abuse or finding a treatment program that is appropriate for personal goals and plans can seem complicated, but there are facilities that offer a variety of treatment solutions in Texas. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, roughly 47.5 percent of Texas residents drink alcohol and nearly 23 percent binge drink. The key to treating an alcohol addiction is recognizing the programs that are most appropriate for personal goals and needs. A 12-step treatment plan offers a supportive environment and a faith-based solution to addiction.

What is a 12-Step Program?

As the name suggests, a 12-step program is a treatment plan that uses 12 steps to help an individual make changes in his or her life. According to Psych Central, the goal of the treatment plan is to face the addiction, surrender to a higher power and become aware of personal behavior so that changes are possible.

The treatment plan also ensures that every individual has the support that he or she needs to start working on realistic goals. There are group meetings to discuss concerns, weaknesses or goals. A mentor, or an individual who has already reached a certain level of abstinence from a substance, will offer guidance and support to the individual who is recovering.

Effectiveness of 12-Step Programs

Although the best treatment plan for any individual will depend on his or her goals and personal beliefs, a 12-step program is an effective tool to help with alcohol recovery. The Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment states that individuals who actively participate in a 12-step program are more likely to remain sober and alcohol-free for a period of 2 or more years when compared to individuals who are not active or participating in the program.

Recovering from substance abuse requires the support of others and some individuals can benefit from the faith-based approach that a 12-step program provides. Since the program surrenders to a higher power and offers the support of others who understand the difficulties of addiction, it provides the environment and assistance that an individual may need to focus on his or her goals. It also helps clarify the plan of action when cravings occur so that it is possible to avoid alcohol.

12-Step Programs in Texas

There are several programs available in Texas that help with the recovery process and personal goals. Individuals can find treatment plans and options in the major cities and the smaller towns throughout the state, but the best option depends on the situation and the current well-being of the individual.

Aeschbach and Associates DBA Addictions and Psychotherapy Servs is an out-patient treatment program in Austin that uses the 12 steps to help with the recovery process. Since it is a day program, it provides intensive out-patient treatments as well as 12-step meetings to help maintain sobriety after the initial steps of recovery. A mentor is assigned to every individual who is trying to recover and the program does a breath analysis regularly to address any relapses that may occur.

Alcohol abuse is a complicated problems and sometimes it may relate to a mental health disorder. The Northwest Texas Healthcare System The Pavillion is an out-patient treatment program in Amarillo that offers a 12-step plan and appropriate treatment for any co-occurring disorders that may complicate the process of recovery. The 12-step program provides the support and assistance that is necessary to recover while the day program offers solutions for a mental health disorder that may complicate the recovery process.

The DRD Springfield Medical Clinic is a treatment program in Dallas that offers a 12-step plan and a day program to help with recovery. As an out-patient program, individuals have the option of attending 12-step meetings and obtaining additional treatment in a day program to help with any complications that may arise during recovery.

AlcoholTreatment.net can help by providing information about programs that are available in the local area.Finding a Treatment Program

There are a variety of treatment programs available to help with addiction recovery; however, the best plan of action depends on personal goals and plans. In Texas, there are several treatment programs that offer a 12-step approach to the recovery process. AlcoholTreatment.net can help by providing information about programs that are available in the local area.

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