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Rhode Island 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersRhode Island is home to 76,000 adults over 12 years who stated they had alcohol dependency or abuse issues according to the 2006 SAMHSA report. Given that the population of this New England was 1,069,725 in 2006 according to the US Census Bureau, that equates to 7 percent of the population. In fact, the number of individuals who stated they had alcohol dependency or abuse issues is nearly the same as the number of Rhode Island residents age 75 and older. In conjunction with the high rate of individuals with alcohol issues in this state, one solution is to utilize the 12 Step Program. Featuring a group setting that involves those in treatment, as well as those in recovery, this program has a holistic and social approach that increases its rate of effectiveness. According to the NIH publication of SAMHSA Treatment Improvement Protocols, while the success rates of the 12 Step Program are hazy due to the anonymity of the program, “12-Step-based programs are sufficient treatment for millions of people, young and old, around the world.”

What to Expect with the 12 Step Program in Rhode Island

The most common way to be involved in a 12 Step Program is through Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Thanks to the anonymity factor of AA, you will not have to fill out paperwork or give personal information to anyone at such meetings. This allows people to feel more at ease and relaxed during the meetings. The meetings are open to anyone regardless of gender, race, sexual affiliation, nationality, age, or income level. Depending on where you are attending a 12 Step Program, such as through a mental health clinic, in a church basement, or at an alcohol treatment facility, you will be able to attend meetings anywhere from twice daily to once a week. These meetings are free to those who want to attend. Throughout a meeting, the 12 Steps are part of the process, and everyone in attendance will be at a different point in the 12 Step Program.

Facilities in Rhode Island Offering the 12 Step Program

Butler Hospital’s Alcohol and Drug Inpatient Unit

In Providence, RI at Butler Hospital, you can receive inpatient treatment via the Alcohol and Drug Inpatient Unit. Here the residents are involved in daily treatment programs and activities as part of their recovery plan. One of the programs offered at Butler Hospital is Alcoholics Anonymous, which incorporates the 12 Step Program into its framework. Those who are inpatient attend AA every morning at 10:30 am followed by an evening AA group session at 7 pm. The AA meetings are the main source of alcohol abuse and dependency treatment provided for the patients.

The Providence Center

At the Providence Center Adult Behavioral Services in Providence, RI the 12 Step Program is made available to those living in residential care. The residential treatment facility is a sober living center that promotes recovery through programs. As a result, those living in the Providence Center residential services program have access to the 12 Step Program via group meetings. Those staying at this center have the option to stay for up to 1 year, dependent on their recovery process. Other options available at the center include low-income housing, employment services, case management, and counseling on an individual and group level.

Bridgemark, Inc.

In Warwick, RI the facility of Bridgemark, Inc. provides alcohol treatment and recovery services including the 12 Step Program. Note that this is a residential program that is for men only. During the treatment program, each person works through four levels of treatment. As part of these four levels the residents are given access to 12 Step meetings so to aid them through group therapy and social support for their alcohol treatment and recovery. Bridgemark, Inc. offers six residential homes for men to live in, and the program also incorporates individual and family therapy sessions.

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