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Pennsylvania 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersEarly treatment for alcoholism and alcohol abuse it out there waiting for people who want to seek out a happy life and improve their emotional and spiritual well-being. One of the common treatment programs available throughout the state of Pennsylvania is the 12-Step program. The 12-Step programs are designed for a person to practice abstinence from alcohol as the structured therapy encourages the person to seek out self-help groups and stick with the program throughout the designated 12 steps. These programs are based from the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 12 Steps as participants learn about important principles that help to guide them toward a successful recovery. With 5,278,000 Pennsylvanians ranging from the ages of 12 and older using alcohol and 2,357,000 binging on alcohol annually, having the available 12-Step programs permits them to find the help they need to reach sobriety.

Goals of the 12-Step Program

While the program is called 12-Step, there are actually 3 key goals that the program strives to accomplish. The first goal involves a person recognizing and accepting that alcoholism is a chronic disease requiring them to seek out help from others to overcome. The second goal involves a person surrendering to a higher power to accept the support offered by others who are also in the program, as the religious aspects allows them to seek spiritual renewal free of alcohol abuse. The final third goal encourages active involvement in sessions and related activities as the participation in AA meetings allows a person to become more aware that recovery is within reach.

Pennsylvania 12-Step Alcohol Treatment Centers

Gateway Rehabilitation Center

The Gateway Rehabilitation Center in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania offers alcohol treatment for both adults and teens in a 12-Step abstinence-based therapy orientation. They have a 28-day inpatient program for both men and women as they can find individual meetings, group sessions, family interventions and pastoral counseling. The center also provides intensive outpatient care, partial hospitalization outpatient care and detox services aimed at helping people recover from alcohol dependency and abuse. Men who have completed the initial treatment program can also find special halfway house programs so they can find help seeking employment, continuing their education, and strengthening their family relationships.

Pocono Mountain Treatment Center

Gorgeous mountain views and forests await people seeking alcohol abuse treatment at the Pocono Mountain Treatment Center. Located in Henryville, the center has an inpatient program consisting of 12-Step Alcoholic Anonymous meetings as well as bookshops with reading literature for people to learn how to live a sober life. People will undergo 40 hours of AA meetings as well as addiction therapy while enjoying tons of electives such as workouts, sand volleyball, basketball, tai chai, trail walking and other activities. The Pocono Mountain Treatment Center provides life skills trips off-site that will help encourage people to seek a stable and sober lifestyle. Meditation sessions, family counseling and individual aftercare treatment programs are also provided.

Retreat At Lancaster County

The Retreat at Lancaster County has centers located in the cities of Ephrata and Akron in Pennsylvania. They offer a professional and traditional 12-Step program for people suffering with alcohol abuse and alcoholism. It is a private and exclusive retreat for men, women, youths and seniors as they provide intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization and inpatient residency alcohol treatment programs. People who stay for the 12-Step program will reside on the campus that has a dining room, treatment center, common areas, a fitness center and a gymnasium. The center adopts the basic principles of the 12-Step program while developing customized and individual alcohol treatment plans so each person can draw in the best aspects of the therapy so they have a greater chance of committing themselves to a sober lifestyle.

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Throughout the state of Pennsylvania are alcohol treatment facilities ready to welcome you in becoming a part of their 12-Step programs so you can finally be free of the alcohol abuse. Seek out your happiness and sobriety with the help of We will assist you as we can locate a treatment center in your area.

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