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Ohio 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersDeciding to seek treatment for alcohol abuse makes it easier to reach personal goals and to address problems that are complicating the process. In Ohio, more than 51 percent of residents drink alcohol and about 25 percent binge drinks, says the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Binge drinking can increase the risk of an addiction, so it is important to seek treatment to focus on recovery goals and obtain a healthy lifestyle. In Ohio, there are 12-step treatment programs that can help with the recovery process and provide the tools to help individuals reach their personal goals.

What is a 12-Step Program?

A 12-step program refers to any plan that uses the traditional 12-steps to change their behavior and avoid alcohol abuse in the future. Since the program uses a faith-based approach to recovery, it is an effective option for individuals who have a strong belief in a higher power. According to Psych Central, the 12-step program directly confronts alcohol abuse and focuses on improving self-awareness so that it is possible to avoid alcohol in the future.

The program also surrenders to a higher power for help and support, which is useful when individuals have a strong belief system. Although individuals surrender to a higher power, the program expects individuals to take responsibility for their own actions and to become aware of the factors that contribute to the temptation to drink. It also provides a strong support system with a mentor who has already abstained from alcohol abuse for a period of time.

Effectiveness of the Treatment Program

Although the effectiveness of a program and treatment can depend on several factors, a 12-step program is shown to improve the rate of success when individuals are trying to avoid alcohol. According to the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, a 12-step program is effective when an individual is active in the meetings and participates in the program. When compared to individuals who are not active or who have limited participation, the individuals who were participating and remained active in a 12-step program have a lower rate of alcohol abuse after two years.

A 12-step program offers a strong support system, which is a powerful tool to avoid relapsing and alcohol abuse for a lifetime. Since it is a group program, 12-step treatments can make it easier to find help when there are cravings for alcohol or when situations are difficult and alcohol can seem tempting. A mentor offers the help that an individual needs to focus on maintaining sobriety during a challenge.

Treatment Programs in Ohio

There are several programs in Ohio that offer a 12-step plan to address alcohol abuse. Depending on personal goals, the best program for the situation can vary. In Ohio, there are out-patient programs and residential programs that make it possible to focus on recovery.

Individuals who need a structured approach to recovery can benefit from the services at Amethyst Inc. The facility in Columbus offers a long-term residential program that lasts for 3 to 6 months. It also provides an out-patient program and 12-step meetings that are available for individuals who cannot enter a residential program or who want additional treatment after completing the initial plan. The 12-step meetings can last as long as an individual prefers.

The Alcoholism Council of Cincinnati Area Mount Airy Shelter is an out-patient treatment program that takes a 12-step approach to alcohol abuse and recovery. The facility offers 12-step meetings to help with recovery and has a day program that can provide additional support or treatment to address concerns that may arise during recovery.

The Addiction Recovery Services Univ Hosp of Cleveland/Dept of Psych provides a 12-step treatment program in Cleveland that can help with alcohol recovery. Since it is an out-patient program, the facility provides appropriate treatments that are based on a personal schedule. It also provides 12-step meetings that are available as long as an individual needs to take a long-term approach to recovery.

AlcoholTreatment.net makes it easy to find an appropriate treatment program.Finding Treatment

There are several 12-step treatment programs in Ohio that can help with recovery. Since AlcoholTreatment.net makes it easy to find an appropriate treatment program, it is possible to start focusing on recovery goals and plans.

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