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North Dakota 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersWhile some of the steps involved in the 12-step alcohol treatment recovery program vary depending on where exactly you’re seeking treatment, generally the first step in the program is common no matter the venue – admitting that there’s a problem. And for millions of people across the nation, alcohol dependence is a problem, whether they’ve come to admit it yet or not.

The state of North Dakota is no exception, as an estimated 19,000 people have been identified as being dependent on alcohol and some 53,000 people have either identified as being dependent on alcohol or having abused alcohol. Perhaps even more alarming, however, is that an estimated 50,000 people in North Dakota are identified as needing treatment for such issues, but aren’t currently seeking it.

The 12-step program is just one of many methods for overcoming alcohol addiction. It has been practiced since its conception in the 1930s and is arguably the longest tenured – and most successful – means of treating alcohol addiction.

12-Step Programs: The Basics

As we previously told you, the 12-step program was conceived in the 1930s and is most synonymous with Alcoholics Anonymous. The early 12-step program, which is still practiced today in many treatment facilities, also had a strong focus on God, religion and spirituality – much of which played into several of the 12 steps that patients practiced to abstain from alcohol. Today, however, many facilities have altered the 12 steps to cater to a more diverse group of patients.

Some similarities in all 12-step programs involve the aforementioned first step of admitting there’s a problem, as well as identifying the people who you’ve hurt because of your alcohol issues and how you’ll make amends with them. Community service and volunteering is also typically one of the final steps in the treatment process.

Another commonality in the 12-step process is the task of appointing a sponsor. This is typically a person who has successfully completed the process themselves and will act as your mentor and advisor in an effort to help you through the steps and help you achieve alcohol abstinence. Sponsors can be an important confidant for patients when things inevitably get difficult in the recovery process.

A final note about 12-step programs is that, while they can help a person abstain from alcohol, there is no cure to alcohol addiction – rather, it’s a lifetime battle. For this reason, it’s encouraged that patients continue to attend meetings and go through the steps after they’ve initially completed them and become sober. In fact, research published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment validates this claim. A March 2011 study claims that those who attend meetings and work on the 12 steps after they’ve become sober are much more likely to achieve long-term alcohol abstinence compared to the contrary.

12-Step Alcohol Treatment Centers in North Dakota

Unlike larger more populated states in the Union, North Dakota only features 16 cities within state lines that offer the 12-step treatment program. Ten of these facilities are in Bismarck, including ACS Crisis Residential. ACS Crisis Residential offers both inpatient 12-step treatment and outpatient 12-step treatment, including alcohol sponsors and breathalyzer programs. Also in Bismarck is the New Treatment Centers, which, like ACS Crisis Residential, offers both inpatient and outpatient treatment. However, unlike ACS Crisis Residential, New Treatment Centers also offers a long-term inpatient program, where patients can receive treatment via the 12 steps for up to 6 months.

Elsewhere in North Dakota, there’s ADAPT Inc in Grand Forks, an outpatient treatment facility, and Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch in Minot, which only offers long-term inpatient treatment of up to 6 months.

For more information on the 12-step program and finding a treatment facility to meet you or a loved one's needs in North Dakota, contact today.Contact Us Today

For more information on the 12-step program and finding a treatment facility to meet you or a loved one’s needs in North Dakota, contact today. has the resources and know-how to pair you with the information you need to make a selection on where to seek treatment.

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