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New York 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersAddiction is a complicated, messy, confusing place for anyone to find themselves. Fortunately, those caught up in addiction may find solace in the most time-tested type of a recovery method: the 12-step program.

First published over seventy years ago, the 12-step alcohol recovery program has formed the backbone for overcoming nearly every major addiction known to society. It creates a simple, holistic path for each of its followers to pursue; as a result, it heals the mind, body, and soul.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), well over 1 million New York citizens age 12 and over experienced drug abuse or dependency in 2007. This is an issue that affects people unilaterally across age groups, genders, ethnicities, and social backgrounds. Pursuing a proper 12-step program, however, can assuage this growing problem.

More About 12-Step Programs

In a study (titled “Is level of exposure to a 12-step facilitation therapy associated with treatment outcome?”) conducted by Elizabeth A. Wells and other scientists for the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, it was revealed that those who had a high attendance at 12-step programs boasted better, long-lasting alcohol recovery results than those who had low attendance or didn’t attend at all.

Specifically, high attendance patients experienced higher levels of drug abstinence and fewer cases of failed drug tests.

The program’s success can be attributed to its holistic nature and easily understood guidelines. These general guidelines are:

The key paradigms behind a 12-Step program are:

  • Admitting the need for help
  • Recognizing that some higher power (God or otherwise) can help
  • Identifying previous errors with the aid of a sponsor
  • Addressing and fixing these past errors
  • Creating a new code of behavior that keeps previous mistakes from happening
  • Helping others suffering from addiction

This highly effective program has been reapplied to many other groups who experience addiction: gamblers, food addicts, sex addicts, and those who suffer from other shades of substance abuse.

New York 12-Step Treatment Centers

Bridge Back to Life Center

With six different locations across the state, the Bridge Back to Life Center is one of the most well-sought and well-respected places for alcohol rehabilitation in the region. It boasts a comprehensive network of resources that serve patients of myriad backgrounds; there are no restrictions based on age, gender, or ethnicity. In fact, Bridge Back to Life provides programs in six different languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Cantonese, and Polish.

Services include crisis intervention, intensive outpatient, individual and group psychotherapy, family and marital counseling, and program’s specialized towards women.

Cazenovia Manor

America’s homeless male population are among the most at risk for developing alcohol addiction. Fortunately, sites like Cazenovia Manor provide specialized treatment for this often overlooked group.

Based out of Buffalo, the Cazenovia Manor is a residential program that can serve 24 men at a time. Enrollment provides the patient with individualized service, case management, counseling, job skills training, a community-based atmosphere, life skills training, meals, and numerous recreation opportunities.

It’s a comfortable, safe space for homeless men to begin anew.

Greenhope Services for Women Inc.

Formed back in 1975, Greenhope Services for Women Inc. has worked for decades to provide substance abuse treatment with a specialization towards women’s needs. Other sites may not be equipped to tackle issues regarding pregnancy, marriage, and domestic abuse; Greenhope can.

Women who enroll in Greenhope may take advantage of their residential treatment, day treatment, and various outpatient services.

Preliminary Step: Check Out is one of the single most comprehensive websites for information on alcohol recovery and rehabilitation.The path forward doesn’t end here. is one of the single most comprehensive websites for information on alcohol recovery and rehabilitation. The website’s directories are its greatest resource; thousands of alcohol rehabilitation centers are sorted by state, city, and its various specializations.

Combine those directories with the site’s abundant guides and professional expertise, and you or a loved one seeking alcoholism treatment will find absolutely everything needed to take the first step towards sobriety.

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