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New Jersey 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersRecovering from alcohol abuse can sometimes require the help of a support group and personal belief systems or faith. In New Jersey, around 55 percent of the state residents drink alcohol, says the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Furthermore, almost 23 percent of state residents binge drink. When an addiction develops, a 12-step treatment program may offer the tools and assistance that an individual needs to avoid alcohol in the future and reach recovery goals.

12-Step Basics

Psych Central explains that a 12-step program is a supportive environment that uses 12 specific steps to change the behavior and actions of an individual. The goal of the program is to help with recovery by changing the way that an individual thinks about alcohol and his or her ability to stop drinking.

During the program, alcohol abuse is confronted directly and an individual surrenders to a higher power when cravings or other concerns make it hard to avoid alcohol. It also offers a support group during meetings and provides a mentor to individuals who are just starting to work on recovery so that there is someone available when alcohol abuse seems tempting.

Getting the Best Results

According to the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, a 12-step program is an effective way to maintain abstinence and avoid alcohol. In a study that evaluated the effectiveness of the program, it was determined that individuals who are actively participating in a 12-step program and who are more involved in the program have a greater rate of abstinence from alcohol after two years when compared to individuals who are not involved or who do not participate in the program.

By focusing on each step of the program and reaching out for support when stressful situations make alcohol abuse tempting, it is possible to avoid the substance in the future and start working on recovery goals. A supportive environment that uses a faith-based approach to recovery is a powerful tool to help with each step of recovery.

12-Step Programs in New Jersey

There are a variety of 12-step programs that are available throughout New Jersey. Depending on personal goals and the local area, the best treatment options that are available can vary. Fortunately, there are 12-step programs in many cities and small towns throughout the state to help with recovery goals.

The Atlantic Care Health Services Mission Healthcare program is a 12-step program in Atlantic City that also offers medical treatments when they are necessary. The 12-step program is an outpatient program that provides meetings and assistance without making an individual give up his or her current work environment or home. Since the facility also offers medical services when it is necessary, it is an appropriate program for individuals who may be just starting to work on alcohol recovery or individuals who have medical concerns that can complicate the treatment program.

American Habitare and Counselor Inc is a 12-step treatment program in Newark that offers out-patient treatments and 12-step meetings to help with the recovery process. Since there are complications that may occur during recovery, the counseling that is available as part of the day program can help individuals address problems that need professional care. The 12-step meetings and the mentor program also offer additional support from individuals who understand the challenges that may arise.

The ARFC Saint Clares Social Services program is an outpatient treatment plan that offers a mix of mental health services and 12-step out-patient treatments. The 12-step meetings help with the recovery process by offering a supportive environment while the out-patient treatment plan addresses any mental health disorders that can complicate the recovery process.

Obtaining an Alcohol-Free Lifestyle can help by providing information about programs that are available in a New Jersey.Alcohol abuse is a complicated problem, but that does not mean that the options for recovery are limited. There are treatment programs available in New Jersey that offer appropriate services to address complications and 12-step programs to provide a supportive environment. can help by providing information about programs that are available in a New Jersey.

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