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New Hampshire 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersFor those living in New Hampshire 93,000 adults in 2006 reported they were dealing with alcohol dependency or abuse according to SAMHSA. Furthermore, a recent journal article in Addiction as released by the NIH supports the use of the 12 Step Program in promoting longer terms of abstinence than without this program. The 12 Step Program is a set of spiritual steps that help individuals along the path to recovery from alcohol. It is most commonly seen in use with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) groups as part of the structure to these meetings. The first book depicting the 12 Steps was published in 1939 under the title “Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How More Than One Hundred Men Have Recovered from Alcoholism.” Among the 12 Steps are:

  • Admit that you are not in control of your alcohol use
  • Recognize you must listen to a higher power who is capable of restoring your sanity
  • Examine your past transgressions along with the aid of your sponsor
  • Make amends for your past by apologizing in person or in writing to those you have done wrong
  • Learn to live sober and healthy using a new behavioral code
  • Help others along the path to alcohol recovery

Benefits of Using the 12 Step Program for Treatment

When you are in the 12 Step Program you are connected with those who have completed the program and are following the final step of helping others. Such a person will become your sponsor, and they will be the person you contact on a regular basis. In addition to providing social support for you, your sponsor is the person you are supposed to contact if you relapse while in recovery. By having someone by your side who has experienced alcohol treatment and recovery, you are expected to feel some relief and bond that will help you during the darkest days. One way to meet your potential sponsor is through completion of the 12 Step Program while in alcohol treatment facilities. This could occur with your roommate or someone whom you’ve met in treatment, which can have the potential to create a lasting bond of friendship and support.

Facilities in New Hampshire Offering the 12 Step Program

The Granite House

Located in Derry, New Hampshire The Granite House is a men’s only sober living environment. This facility offers males a place to transition between primary treatment and independent, sober living. The program consists of a three-phase system, during which the 12 Step Program is utilized. The 12 Step Program is introduced during Phase I as an option for fulfilling the program requirements for recovery. Patients work through the 12 Step Program at The Granite House via staff support that includes guidance strategies for the successful completion of the program. Once a patient makes it through Phase III they are released from the sober living environment, well prepared to be able to maintain their sobriety.

Keystone Hall

Keystone Hall in Nashua, New Hampshire is formerly referred to as Greater Nashua Council on Alcoholism. This nonprofit organization sponsors dozens of alcohol treatment and recovery options including AA meetings utilizing the 12 Step Program. Residents of the Keystone Hall center in Nashua have the opportunity to attend these meetings and to include the 12 Step Program as part of their treatment plan. Additionally, Keystone Hall is part of a network of six other non-profit organizations offering holistic treatment and long-term care for patients in the areas of education, supportive services and employment.

Southeastern New Hampshire Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services

Thanks to the support of the Southeastern New Hampshire Services Foundation, Southeastern New Hampshire Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services provide a wealth of alcohol treatment and recovery programs. The staff are trained to lead AA meetings in conjunction with the 12 Step Program, and they support exposing patients to this program as part of their recovery plan. These facilitators have experience assisting patients with making vital connections in the program.

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