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Nevada 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersFacts About The 12-Step Program

As one of the most popular alcohol treatment programs available throughout the United States, the 12-Step program combines spirituality with group support as people seek an abstinence from alcohol. The program consists of 12 steps that focus on a person gaining awareness of their alcohol abuse, finding support from group members who can give a person the confidence to succeed with the program, and understanding that a higher power can give them the strength to lead a life free of alcohol. By adopting these principals, people have a higher rate of success in not returning to a life of alcohol addiction.

12-Step Treatment Programs

Throughout the state of Nevada, there will be an average of 743,000 people having at least 5 drinks once or twice a week. These people can enroll in a 12-Step treatment program where they will get a range of specialized care to deal with their alcohol abuse. Treatment programs can vary between each recovery center as people can find outpatient, partial hospitalization and residency care services. Many facilities offer specialized counselors who will evaluate and create programs tailored to a person’s specific treatment needs. People will also take part in AA meetings at the center or off-site so they can communicate and share their experiences. People will often have sponsors who will also keep them on track and encourage them to successfully complete the program.

Nevada 12-Step Alcohol Treatment Centers


STEP2 is an alcohol treatment facility located in Reno, Nevada as they offer specialized alcohol treatment to women, pregnant women and women with children. They accept women from the ages of 12 and older as they obtain referrals from a wide range of organizations and individuals including hospitals, social services, the criminal justice system, families and self-referrals from individuals. STEP2 offers comprehensive services in the form of residential, outpatient, and transitional housing care treatment. While women are undergoing alcohol treatment, they can also obtain childcare services and parenting education so they can give better lives to themselves as well as their children.

ABC Therapy

ABC Therapy in Las Vegas strives to empower patients to seek abstinence from alcohol. The center offers rehabilitation, treatment and healing as people gain support from their families and alcohol abuse counselors. In addition to treatment programs, the center also offers specialized care services to DUI offenders who will undergo evaluations and take part in classes and online schools. Marriage and family counselors are also standing by to help people rebuild their relationships with spouses and family members as they can all seek the needed alcohol treatment support.

Seven Hills Hospital

Seven Hills Hospital in Henderson is a chemical dependency treatment facility offering inpatient treatment to children and adults. They have a children’s unit that accepts youths from 11 to 17 years of age and a substance abuse unit for adults where they offer assessments, detoxification, medication treatment, individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy. Seven Hills Hospital also provides experiential therapy practices featuring AA meetings, recreational therapy, dietician meetings and physical fitness routines so people can become healthy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. If inpatient treatment does not work with an individual, the Seven Hills Hospital also provides outpatient services as well as partial hospitalization that may be more suitable. The staff strives to create a safe environment for people who can have a better chance at completing the program.

Nevada 12-Step Programs Are Available With Help From

Seek out 12-Step programs from a range of treatment facilities as our counselors here at can help you.The flashy lights and big city atmosphere of Nevada attracts people from all walks of live to find a fun and relaxing lifestyle in this state. Yet it can be difficult to enjoy this lifestyle if you are suffering from alcohol abuse. Seek out 12-Step programs from a range of treatment facilities as our counselors here at can help you. We are ready to find the nearest treatment facility to your location as you can finally find sobriety and strengthen your family relationships.

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