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Montana 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersIn Montana the rate of alcohol use is 86,000 adults over age 12 according to the 2006 State Estimates of Substance Use and Mental Health. Considering the population of Montana for that time was approximately 989,000 that is 11.5 percent of the total residents of this western state. One way to combat the issues of alcohol dependence and abuse is to go through the 12 Step Program. This program was first set into place in 1939 with the publication of the steps used by the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) groups. Today the AA meetings still go by these original 12 steps as a way to increase alcohol recovery. According to the NIH group counseling can benefit those in recovery from alcohol abuse or dependency. Programs including the 12 Step Program have shown positive. Additionally, the NIH points out that those patients who complete the 12 Step Program have an 86.4 percent likelihood of remaining in recovery 6 months following their treatment completion.

Understanding the 12 Step Program in Depth

The 12 Step Program features a series of steps that involve spiritual healing in conjunction with alcohol treatment. As seen with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), the 12 Step Program also features sponsors who are individuals who have successfully completed the 12 steps and are now helping others, which is the final step. These sponsors give those going through the steps mentorship and encouragement for when the individual is dealing with stressful situations or thoughts of relapse. Through partnership with those in recovery, new initiates in the 12 Step Program have an increased likelihood via social engagement to complete treatment. The 12 Step Program includes the following steps:

  • You admit you cannot control alcohol use or abuse
  • By listening to a greater, supernatural voice, you recognize that force can restore your sanity
  • You admit your past wrong doings to others via the assistance of your sponsor
  • You make amends to those whom you have wronged
  • Your new sober life is healthy and involves a newly established code of behaviors
  • You assist others during their participating in the 12 Step Program as a sponsor

Facilities in Montana Providing Access to the 12 Step Program

Gateway Community Services

Located in Great Falls, MT, Gateway Community Services provides the 12 Step Program as part of their alcohol treatment. The program is offered via AA meetings and includes traditional alcohol sponsors and mentoring. Additionally patients at Gateway Community Services can choose between at-home, full-day or partial hospitalization in regards to their alcohol treatment. They also provide an intensive outpatient program that includes the 12 Step Program as the core portion of the services.

Flathead Valley Chem Dependency Clinic Libby Office

At the Flathead Valley Chem Dependency Clinic Libby Office in Libby, MT the primary focus is outpatient care. The main purpose of this center is to provide a safe and effective meeting facility for groups who come together to deal with alcohol treatment and recovery. For many of those patients, the 12 Step Program is their primary plan for alcohol recovery. Additionally, the center provides specialized programs for those who are DWI or DUI offenders in reference to courts.


Rimrock in Billings, MT has long been a provider of alcohol treatment and recovery services. These services include the 12 Step Program, which is introduced to patients seeking care at Rimrock. In addition to the 12 Step Recovery Program, Rimrock provides a wide range of services including inpatient, intensive outpatient and aftercare programs. For patients who have been convicted of DUI, Rimrock offers MIP/DUI classes that meet the state requirements for alcohol treatment education.

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