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Missouri 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersAlcohol Statistics and Information

Alcohol abuse is a very real concern that affects millions of people around the country on a daily basis. In the state of Missouri alone, there were 2.4 million people who engaged in some type of alcohol abuse during the last 30 days alone. A full 1.1 million of those were binge drinking sessions, where a person drank five or more drinks in one sitting. 153,000 of those binge drinkers were under the age of 20 but above the age of 12, meaning that a significant portion were unable to legally purchase alcohol on their own. This is a very real concern that 12 step programs and similar alcohol treatment and recovery centers exist to fix.

12 Step Recovery Programs

A 12 step recovery program is one that adheres to a rigid set of principles regarding treatment and recovery. These programs offer both compassion and acceptance in addition to steps that a person can follow to rid themselves from the effects of alcohol. It is estimated that over 20 percent of all people who participate in such a program are able to remain sober for at least one year.

Alcohol Treatment and Recovery Centers

Missouri residents have access to a large number of different alcohol treatment and recovery centers that are always available to help when they’re needed the most. The first of those is the Community Counseling Center, which specializes in both 12 step alcohol rehabilitation and recovery and mental health services. 12 step programs available at the facility include at home, day and partial hospitalization programs, alcohol sponsorship opportunities, intensive outpatient programs, alcohol breathalyzer programs, 12 step meetings and more.

The second major facility in the area is the Family Counseling Center, Inc. Cape Girardeau Office, which specializes in a wide range of alcohol treatment recovery services. Long term alcohol rehabilitation is available in periods ranging from three to six months depending on the patient in question. Residential and live in alcohol rehab centers are also available, both of which are fully compliant with all 12 step recovery program principles. Traditional 12 step outpatient alcohol treatment is also available in the form of alcohol sponsors, breathalyzer programs, intensive outpatient programs, at home care, day or partial hospitalization, 12 step meetings and more.

The Gibson Recovery Center, Inc. facility is also located in the area, which specializes in general alcohol treatment and recovery services. 12 step inpatient alcohol treatment is available at this facility, for example, in the form of both residential and live in rehab centers. Intensive outpatient programs, 12 step meetings, alcohol sponsors, at home, day or partial hospitalization care and alcohol breathalyzer programs all also fall under the general 12 step alcohol treatment banner.

The final major facility in the area is called the Metro Treatment of Missouri LP Metro Treatment Center, which specializes in alcohol treatment recovery and 12 step outpatient alcohol treatment services. This facility offers intensive outpatient programs, at home care, day or partial hospitalization programs, 12 step meetings, alcohol sponsors, alcohol breathalyzer programs and more.

All of these facilities offer a wide range of different options regarding payment, allowing them to make sure that people always get the care that they need regardless of their current financial situations. Private pay, cash and payment plans are always available for all types of care, for example. A sliding fee scale is also available, which will see the fee that a person is required to pay adjusted depending on their income, their employment status and other factors. Private health insurance from companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield and more are also accepted, as are plans purchased under the Affordable Care Act.

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If you feel that you could benefit from involvement in a 12-step alcohol recovery program, then contact us at AlcoholTreatment.net todayIf you or a loved one wants to begin the journey towards alcohol recovery but isn’t quite sure where to begin, please feel free to contact AlcoholTreatment.net at any time. It was designed to compile helpful information not only regarding 12 step programs and other types of recovery services, but also contact information about recovery programs and facilities in your area. It is an invaluable resource that you can use regardless of where you happen to live.

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