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Mississippi 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersAlcohol Statistics and Information

870,000 people across the state of Mississippi reported using alcohol in some fashion during the last 30 days alone. Of that number, almost half – 433,000 people, were binge alcohol users. This means that a person sat down and drank five or more drinks in one sitting, which is also commonly referred to as drinking to excess. During the same period of time, 100,000 people across the state who were between the ages of 12 and 20 used alcohol. Of that number, 66,000 of them were binge alcohol users, pointing to a very serious concern that does not discriminate based on age that needs to be addressed at all costs.

12 Step Recovery Programs

12 step recovery programs exist to help provide people with a set of principles that they can follow on their road to treatment and eventual relief. Core tenants of these programs include both admitting that a person is unable to control their addiction and recognizing the existence of a higher power that can help restore sanity. Studies have been conducted that estimate that a full half of all people who participate in such a program are able to stay sober for at least one year following it’s eventual completion, pointing to very real success that can’t be ignored.

Alcohol Treatment and Recovery Centers

Residents of Mississippi currently have access to a wide range of different alcohol treatment and recovery centers that they can take full advantage of in their time of need. One of these is the Alliance Health Center DBA Laurel Wood, Inc. facility, which specializes in a mixture of both mental health and traditional substance abuse services.

The facility’s 12 step outpatient alcohol treatment program is comprised of at home, day or partial hospitalization functions along with 12 step meetings, alcohol sponsor availability, alcohol breathalyzer programs and intensive outpatient programs (usually referred to as IOP). Inpatient 12 step alcohol treatment is also available in both residential and live in capacities.

Another major treatment facility in the area is the East Mississippi State Hospital Chemical Dependency Unit, which specializes in alcohol treatment recovery services. One of the most notable aspects of this particular facility is the large number of different options that patients have regarding payment. Affordable Health Care plans are accepted, as are private health insurance plans that were obtained from companies like Guardian, Coresource, MVP Healthcare, APS Healthcare, GHI, IHC Group and more. Military insurance is also accepted from Tricare for Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, as well as through the VA insurance program.

The third major facility in the area is called Second Chance, which offers a complete mixture of alcohol treatment recovery services. The 12 step alcohol treatment recovery services that are available at this location include intensive outpatient programs, alcohol breathalyzer programs, 12 step meetings, alcohol sponsors, at home care, day and partial hospitalization alcohol programs and more.

Finally, the Weems Community Mental Health Center Weems Life Care Unit is also located in Mississippi in the community of Meridian. It specializes in 12 step long-term alcohol recovery in the from of extended stay treatments in periods of three to six months in length. Residential and live in alcohol rehabilitation centers are also available, as is traditional 12 step outpatient treatment. All patients can choose from at home care, partial hospitalization or day care, 12 step meetings, alcohol breathalyzer programs, intensive outpatient programs, alcohol sponsors and more.

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