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Minnesota 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersAlcohol addiction is a deadly disease that can take control of a person’s life. It can be difficult to understand the root cause of addiction, and even more challenging to find a treatment program that will help the patient to be successful for the rest of their life. Many people struggle with accepting the fact that they are addicted to alcohol and they cannot simply stop drinking whenever they want, and it’s important to understand that there are resources available to help them overcome their addiction and begin living a productive, happy life again. Family members, friends and people who are addicted to alcohol should understand that 12-step alcohol treatment recovery centers can provide them with the structure and support that they need for this next phase of their lives.

Alcohol Addiction in Minnesota

Alcohol addiction is a prevalent problem in Minnesota, with most people who require treatment for their addiction never receiving the treatment that they need. Many people have a difficult time accepting the fact that they are addicted to alcohol and that they have a problem. In turn, many others do not realize how many resources are available to help them survive the withdrawal process and create a new life for themselves. In 2007, approximately 405,000 people were addicted to alcohol or abusing the drug on a regular basis, and of those, 390,000 did not get treatment for their addiction. This is a trend that is taking place not only in Minnesota, but across the entire country.

The Benefits of 12-Step Programs

The 12-step program model is considered one of the most effective treatment options for alcohol addiction. This type of program provides the patients with 12 different steps that they need to work through on their recovery journey. Some of these steps include taking on a mentor or sponsor who is available to help them at any time during their recovery journey, making amends with people who they may have hurt through their addiction to alcohol, and incorporating spirituality and prayer in their daily lives.

People of all ages and all backgrounds are encouraged to explore the 12-step program options in their region. Research published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment notes that young adults and adolescents who participate in 12-step program meetings can benefit from this type of activity, but that their participation should be monitored closely by adults who are guiding the meetings. The 12-step program is especially beneficial because it recognizes alcohol addiction as an ongoing challenge for all patients, and it provides patients with a framework for continued involvement that helps them to stay sober. For example, patients who complete their initial treatment and finish all 12 steps are encouraged to serve the community and volunteer to be sponsors for new patients who are entering the program.

Minnesota 12-Step Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers

There are many 12-step alcohol treatment recovery centers to choose from in Minnesota. Alliance Clinic is a treatment center based out of Minneapolis that provides its patients with intensive outpatient therapy as well as partial inpatient care. Patients can attend 12-step meetings and secure a sponsor through this center. EmPower CTC is a 12-step alcohol treatment recovery center located in Rochester that provides patients with mental health care services as well as addiction recovery programs. It hosts 12-step program meetings for its patients. Clara’s House is a residential facility located in Saint Cloud. This treatment center offers short-term and long-term residential programs as well as outpatient 12-step programs for interested patients.

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