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Michigan 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersKnown as the Great Lakes State, Michigan is a place where people will find miles of beaches and plenty of opportunity. It’s also a state that offers its residents a plethora of services and resources when it comes to treatment for addiction to alcohol. Like many other states across the country, Michigan has many 12-step alcohol treatment recovery centers. These facilities specialize in providing patients with alcohol treatment services that center around the 12-step program. These programs will vary based on the treatment center, but they all center around the same premise that patients can be successful if they work through several different steps that help them establish a new identity as a sober person.

Alcohol Addiction and Substance Abuse in Michigan

As is the trend across the rest of the country, there are many people in Michigan who are addicted to alcohol and most of them do not get the treatment that they need for this disease. It is believed that most people who are dependent on alcohol or are addicted to the drug are not aware of the treatment options that are available to them. In addition, many people are intimidated to admit that they have a problem. In 2007, 682,000 people in Michigan reported that they were addicted to alcohol or dependent on the drug, and of those, 646,000 needed treatment for their addiction but did not seek out the services that they needed in order to become sober. People who believe that they may have an addiction to alcohol should understand that the 12-step program is designed to make the recovery process more gradual, and ultimately help the patient be more successful on their journey.

Effectiveness of the 12-Step Treatment Program

The 12-step treatment program is an ideal choice for many patients because it appeals to a broad range of people. Any person of any age can enter a 12-step treatment program, and these programs can be customized to address a variety of different types of addictions. The program began as a spiritual treatment option, and often focused on incorporating prayer into the daily lives of patients who were in the process of recovering from their addiction. Many 12-step programs today still incorporate prayer into their curriculum, but others offer different steps for patients who want to explore other options.

Research has found that people benefit from the 12-step program the most when they fully immerse themselves in the steps and the related activities to the program. This allows the patient to form a network filled with people who understand their struggle and who are available to help them overcome their addiction. It also provides people with the help they need to set up a new schedule and daily routine, and allows them to enjoy new hobbies and activities that remove them from situations where alcohol may be present.

Michigan 12-Step Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers

Throughout Michigan, there are many different alcohol treatment recovery centers that offer 12-step programs for their patients. In Detroit, there are 43 facilities with 12-step programs, including Absolutely Private Counseling. This facility provides addiction treatment services as well as mental health services. Patients can secure a sponsor, attend 12-step meetings, and enroll in partial inpatient care. The Oakland Psychological Clinic is located in Grand Blanc and offers 12-step meetings as well as alcohol breathalyzer programs. New Way Counseling Center is based out of Kalamazoo and provides its patients with an intensive outpatient program as well as regular 12-step meetings.

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