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Maine 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersThe first step of most 12-step treatment programs to overcoming alcohol addiction is first admitting that there’s a problem. And in the state of Maine, many people have such a problem. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 81,000 individuals are currently in need of treatment for issues related to alcohol dependence and addiction, yet aren’t seeking it. This includes some 38,000 people that are dependent on alcohol and 85,000 people that either abuse or are dependent on alcohol.

But sometimes, it’s this all important first step of admitting there’s a problem to get the ball rolling to recovery. And, as we’ve eluded to already, the 12-step program is one popular recovery program for those looking to overcome alcohol addiction or dependence. The 12-step program was conceived and popularized by Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930s as an ongoing means of helping people recover and abstain from alcohol. While the original 12-step program was largely religiously influenced, many of today’s 12-step programs have been altered to best serve the person that is seeking treatment. Arguably the most popular treatment method for those looking to overcome alcohol use, the 12-step program has been successful with millions of Americans in helping them abstain from alcohol, but it’s long-term outcome is based on a commitment to following the steps, even after initial sobriety.

Getting Sober With the 12-Step Program

Fitting to the name, there are 12 steps involved with the 12-step treatment program, beginning with admitting there’s a problem. Other steps include listing those that your addiction has pained over the years as a means of making amends to them all, as well as giving back to the community. For 12-step programs based on faith and religion, steps include relying on a higher power to help restore you to sanity, healing through prayer and discovering a spiritual awakening. Most who undergo a 12-step program treatment method also select a sponsor, or someone who has successfully completed the program, to help them through the steps as they undergo the process to recovery.

When it comes to the 12-step program, however, it’s important to note that this form of treatment is continuous if long-term success is to be had. According to research in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, those who attended meetings and continued to work on their sobriety regularly were the ones most likely to have abstained from alcohol long-term. Conversely, those who sparsely attended meetings were found more likely to relapse and sink back into their old ways. So while the 12-step program has proven to be successful, it’s largely up to the individual to continue to follow it – even after they’ve initially become sober.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Maine

There are over 50 cities within Maine’s state lines that offer facilities with 12-step treatment programs. For instance, Maine’s capital, Augusta, features 8 such facilities. Such facilities include the Crisis and Counseling Centers, which also offers mental health services in addition to its substance abuse services. Its 12-step program is classified as an intensive outpatient one, which also includes partial hospitalization treatment. The city of Bangor features 19 treatment facilities that offer the 12-step program. Acadia Hospital is one of them, offering 12-step meetings, alcohol sponsors, as well as partial hospitalization and day programs. LifeSkills Counseling Services is another treatment facility in Bangor, specializing in outpatient services and meetings. Elsewhere in Maine, the city of Portland has 15 centers that offer the 12-step program. These include the likes of Albert Haynes LCSW, Northeast Occupational Exchange and Recovery Associates of Southern Maine.

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For more information on the 12-step treatment program and to find a facility in Maine that can help you or a loved one overcome alcohol dependence, contact today. With all the resources to easily help with the decision making process, can pair individuals with the best facilities for successful treatment.

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